Pro-Ject Records: First Release  

For nearly 30 years, PRO-JECT has been known for offering the best in luxury audio listening equipment, but now we are excited to extend our listening offerings with a NEW AUDIOPHILE RECORD created under the PRO-JECT RECORDS LABEL

The first of its kind, the record boasts different recording styles beautifully blended in collaboration with Austrian musician and audiophile 7RAY feat. Triple Ace – Jazzy Zoetrope. Carefully crafted as Pro-Ject’s debut in recording, the vinyl is available an audiophile 180g double LP and a di­rect master tape copy. The record is easy to listen with a great atmosphere, an instant Jazz classic.

This special concept live studio album (recorded at Pro-Ject’s HQ in Austria) offers the ability to hear a direct comparison of recording styles. The production used the top analogue recording equipment with reduced and thoughtful miking techniques to capture the essence of Pro-Ject’s mission and commitment to quality sound. This is a landmark case in Pro-Jects recording capabilities, using real analo­gue tape with reduced microphoning, capturing live in true stereo with no compression or extensive edi­ting – truly recreating a live performance.