Gear Patrol: The Ultimate Audio Setup for Every Type of Listener

Whether you live in a small apartment, love listening to vinyl or stream from Tidal or Spotify, there’s an audio setup perfect for you.


Gear Patrol: The perfect audio setup is a thing of beauty. Not just as it relates to the sweet smooth sound filling your ears, but visually as well. It’s a piece of art, something that acts as a focal point in any room, in any size home. But picking the right setup for your listening needs can be a challenge. Maybe you find yourself looking for a plug-and-play hi-fi streaming option, for listening to lossless files from services like Tidal and Qobuz. Or maybe you have an extensive record collection, and want to do justice to the wax with a high-quality audio system. Or maybe you’re space-limited, and reside, like many of us, in a small apartment and need something that doesn’t take up space in your already small footprint.



Whatever the case, it’s imperative — if you’re as serious about audiophile-quality sound as we are — that you take every component in your system into account. Sure, speakers are important and need not be overlooked. But they are just one piece in the larger puzzle. To help guide you to exactly what you need, no matter what your listening needs are, we worked with some of the top providers of hi-fi audio equipment on the market. The result is four setups worthy of even the most discerning audiophiles’ ears.

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(Excerpt taken from original article by Gear Patrol / / November 25, 2020).