The Debut PRO reviews have come in and the response has been overwhelming!

Vinyl lovers of all stripes love our latest turntable in the Debut series. With massive upgrades in every detail, it’s no wonder that the press is raving.

Ty Pendlebury of CNET praised it as a premier option for audiophile-grade turntables under $1,000, writing:

In its 30 years, Pro-Ject has proved to be one of a handful of companies that can deliver tremendous bang for buck. For example, the Debut Evo and T1 turntables are my favorite models under $500 and $400, respectively. I look forward to listening to the Project Debut Pro in the near future.

Vinyl lover Mark Sparrow of Forbes praised Pro-Ject for consistently reinventing the build quality and playback of our turntables from the Pro-Ject 1 all the way through the Debut series :

The original Pro-Ject 1 and its successor, the Debut series, was partly responsible for reinvigorating the passion for vinyl and breathed life into an industry that many had already pronounced as dead.

Johnny Brayson of Hi Consumption extended his excitement over the details in his Debut PRO review:

The Pro-Ject Debut PRO Turntable is the latest and arguably most impressive installment in the brand’s Debut line. Most immediately, one notices the clean lines and satin black/brushed nickel finish of the new modern design, but the Debut PRO is much more than a pretty face. The turntable is loaded up with premium components, including a brand-new one-piece carbon fiber-wrapped aluminum tonearm with adjustable height and azimuth.

We’re excited to hear what you think in the coming weeks as the Debut PRO hits shelves around the US!