Audio Advice Live – The Premier Audio & Video Experience

Pro-Ject USA is excited to be sharing some our best sounds & styles at Audio Advice Live in Raleigh, NC. The event is hosted by our friends at Audio Advice– a longtime Reference Partner Dealer of Pro-Ject products here in the US. This year we’re auditioning a Pro-Ject True Balanced System: our RPM 10 Carbon turntable with a Sumiko Starling MC cartridge to a Phono Box RS2 phono preamp (using a Connect it DS 5P > XLR balanced interconnect). The turntable & phono preamp are each powered by the Power Box RS2 Phono linear power supply. From there, the Michi P5 S2 preamp & M8 monoblock amplifiers take over & power the majestic new Stradivari speakers by Sonus faber. Nearby we’re also auditioning our X8 Evolution turntable (Sumiko Moonstone cartridge) with amplification by our friends at McIntosh Labs & more speakers by Sonus faber (Electa Amator III). Pro-Ject’s Colorful Audio System is also active in the bold & beautiful satin yellow finish. Our world-famous Debut Carbon EVO is on static display in satin green & satin blue along with the limited edition Metallica turntable and satin green Speaker Box 5 S2s.

There’s a ton to see & hear! If you’re in the Raleigh area we’d love for you to stop by, otherwise stay tuned for more news from the show and other Pro-Ject updates!