Pro-Ject T2 W Turntable - EISA Award for Best Vinyl System of 2023-24

Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ #1 priority is you, the listener. Moreover, our mission is to provide you with the best-sounding turntables, electronics & hi-fi accessories that your hard-earned money can buy. Pro-Ject is widening their scope here with the T2 W record player– a lossless wi-fi streaming turntable designed with special attention paid to delivering the best possible performance from a player with such capabilities. The T2 W expands on the quality of the world-famous T1 range, implementing a more massive plinth, a thicker & heavier tempered glass record platter and a 9″ one-piece aluminum tonearm. We’ve included the Sumiko Rainier moving magnet phono cartridge ($149 value, mounted & aligned) to offer a deeply satisfying listening experience right out of the box while allowing for simple, profound upgrades via the Olympia, Moonstone and Wellfleet replacement styli. Having so much impact on overall sound quality, we had to be discerning about the phono preamp circuitry we selected. Extensive listening evaluations lead us to a phono board that closely mimics the aptitude of our Phono Box S2 ($199 value)- a clear winner in terms of cost/performance. Keep in mind, though, that the T2 W’s built-in phono preamp only handles MM cartridges. We’ve selected high-quality streaming circuitry that does proper justice to what the turntable & phono preamp are capable of.

We’re not the only folks who are ‘over the moon’ about this product’s entrance into the market… The Expert Imaging & Sound Association (EISA) have come aboard as well. Here’s what they have to say!

“The T2 W is an audacious attempt to marry analogue vinyl playback with digital convenience, and one that Pro-Ject manages to pull off with zest. At its core is a belt-drive turntable with 9in aluminium tonearm and Sumiko MM cartridge, plus electronic speed control, but elevating the T2 W is an integrated wireless module that lets owners stream their music to networked speakers and hi-fi systems. The ‘Pro-Ject Control’ app makes setup and operation easy, with options including lossless 48kHz/24-bit FLAC output and automatic streaming when you drop the needle. Spinning discs, while integrating the vinyl format into a ‘modern’ system, has never been easier.”

Pro-Ject T2 W Streaming Turntable Profile View Showing Tonearm, Sumiko Phono Cartridge & Built-In Phono Preamp