Pro-Ject Audio Systems Measures Resonance with Dust Cover Open, Closed and Removed Entirely!

Should I Play Records With the Dust Cover Down?

We've all heard that a turntable's dust cover catches more than just dust; it can also act as a resonance trap that can negatively affect sound quality. A delicate instrument dealing specifically in vibration & resonance, the ultra-sensitive phono cartridge can transcribe unwanted resonance exacerbated by the dust cover. Audibly this can amount to boomy sonics, a bloated midrange, dynamic congestion and an overall lack of clarity & transients. In worst-case scenarios you'll encounter actual acoustic feedback rendering your system unlistenable.

Pro-Ject Has Taken Measurements & the Results May Surprise You

To measure the effects of the dust cover, Pro-Ject HQ in Austria played various frequencies on speakers near an active turntable with the dust cover open, closed and removed entirely. They recorded the intensity of acoustic feedback penetration into the vinyl playback system. Components of the test looked like this...

  • Primary E turntable w/ Ortofon OM 5E moving magnet cartridge
  • Turntable RCA output connected to Phono Box MM phono preamp
  • Floorstanding speaker pair distanced 1m (3.28 ft) from the turntable
  • Tonearm lowered onto record, turntable motor OFF (record platter idle)
  • Various frequency test tones played through speakers
  • Measurements were taken from the Phono Box MM's output

The graph below shows the resonance of the dust cover. Take note of the peak around 200Hz with the dustcover open (orange line). This is only 25dB less than the max signal  OM 5E can deliver! With the dust cover closed (green line), performance is actually slightly better and with the dustcover removed entirely (blue line) there are no discernible peaks in acoustic feedback.

Pro-Ject Audio Sytems Measures the Impact of Dust Covers on the Resonant Performance of Turntables

We Recommend Removing the Dust Cover When Playing Vinyl - Here's why...

  • No Dust Cover - It's no surprise that what you see above is the baseline performance the turntable has to offer: resonance-free playback behavior (at least as it pertains to the dust cover).
  • Dust Cover Open - This may come as a surprise since the common conception is that a closed dust cover performs unfavorably compared to an open one. In actuality, the reverse appears true! The open dust cover presents much more surface area to the medium that transports sound - the air - meaning it will catch and transfer more resonance.
  • Dust Cover Closed - As shown, a closed dust cover amounts to less resonance than an open one, but performance is still a far cry from a dust cover that's removed entirely.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO & MaiA DS3 - Future Audiophile Best Turntable & Integrated Amp Awards of 2023

Pro-Ject Wins Future Audiophile Gear of the Year Award!

With the holidays upon us and the year approaching its end, it's a great time for reflection & gratitude. As such, we'd love to take a moment to extend our thanks to the team over at Future Audiophile. They've reviewed over 150 pieces of audiophile gear this year (no small feat!) and we're honored to share that the Debut Carbon EVO has taken up the mantle of Best of Audiophile Turntable of the Year. Our MaiA DS3 also got some love. Read on!

Best Audiophile Turntable of 2023

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO Turntable

"At $600, the Pro-ject Debut Carbon Evo strikes a perfect balance between affordability, design sexiness, and performance to get the win." -Future Audiophile Gear of the Year Awards

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO - Future Audiophile Best Audiophile Turntable of the Year

"It is easy to see why the Debut Carbon EVO is one of the most popular turntables in this competitive price range. Its attractive chassis and wide variety of color combinations will make for a nice-looking setup, to be sure... More importantly, it sounds great, as its clean aesthetics carry over to a very clean and balanced midrange with just a touch of sonic warmth." -Brian Kahn, Future Audiophile

Best Audiophile Integrated Amp of 2023 - Runner-Up

Pro-Ject MaiA DS3 Integrated Amplifier

"People think of Pro-Ject for just turntables, but they need to look deeper into the line for products like this audiophile gem." -Future Audiophile Gear of the Year Awards 

Pro-Ject MaiA DS3 - Future Audiophile Best Audiophile Integrated Amplifier of the Year

"As I mentioned earlier, if you are looking for an integrated amplifier priced around $1500, you have a plethora of options. The beauty of the Pro-Ject MaiA DS3 is that it includes all the inputs, outputs, and functions of a full-sized integrated amplifier in a compact package. Combine it with speakers... and you will have a near reference-quality system for far less than estate-level cost." -Steven Stone, Future Audiophile

Pro-Ject Audio Systems 6PerspeX Audiophile Turntable - Full Design Overview

Pro-Ject 6PerspeX SB - Rethinking the Suspended Turntable

Suspended turntables have been around for at least half a century. It's a design approach that helps to isolate the critical elements of a turntable from encroaching vibration and unwanted resonance. Remember that the act of playing a record - the stylus in the record groove and the sound that comes from your speakers - creates vibration & resonance. The phono cartridge can be thought of as a microphone that deals specifically in vibration, so it makes all the sense in the world that affecting these properties in a turntable can significantly affect overall sound quality. Looking around the market, you'll see that most suspended turntables use mechanical springs and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Pro-Ject Audio Systems has pioneered something a bit more unique, far less devastating on your pocket book, and more future-proof (mechanical springs wear out over time, requiring adjustment and/or replacement!).

Listeners pursue suspended designs for their vibration-resistance indeed, but usually it has more to do with the livelier, more sprightly sound quality such turntables can achieve vs. types that rely more on mass & rigidity. It's a different approach. One design type is not inherently 'better' than the other- they have different things to offer the person in the listening chair. What's more important is that the design - no matter the approach - is well-executed. Now let's get into the 6PerspeX turntable and its unique approach to suspending the platter, tonearm & cartridge.

The Floating Corian Sub-Chassis

Pro-Ject PerspeX Showing Magnetically-Suspended Corian Sub-Chassis

The sub-chassis is made from Corian- a material fabricated from an acrylic polymer blended with bauxite (a naturally occurring rock/aluminum compound). It's been implemented for its non-resonant properties, its density & rigidity. Carefully selected magnets embedded in the underside of the sub-chassis oppose magnets embedded in the top of the acrylic plinth causing the sub-chassis to float. The platter bearing & tonearm are mounted to the sub-chassis, meaning they are completed decoupled from the main plinth- separated by the aforementioned magnetic suspension. Like a mechanical spring suspension, you can feel the 'springiness' when you give the platter a gentle nudge.

Solid Acrylic Plinth & Sophisticated Isolation Feet

There's a whole lot more at play here that lends itself to sound quality. Clear acrylic is used for the main plinth. It's another dense, rigid, non-resonant material that looks sharp as a tack. Pulling out all the stops in terms of isolation, the entire assembly rests on 3 height-adjustable TPE-damped aluminum spike feet (spike plates included!).

High-End Platter & Bearing

Pro-Ject's inverted stainless steel bearing with ceramic ball & plate provide frictionless, silent rotation of the record platter. It's the same bearing that accommodates the high-mass platters found in the upper-end RPM, Xtension & Signature turntables. The 6PerspeX platter too is a carefully thought-out, unique & flawlessly executed design. MDF at its core and coated 4mm thick in vinyl, it's meant to mirror the resonant properties of your records themselves. With the threaded record spindle and screw-down record clamp (included), the concept of record coupling is in full effect. Coupling the record to the platter thusly, you elevate clarity through the mids and enhance low-level texture & detail across frequency range (not to mention mitigating record warpage).

Regulated Outboard Motor, 33/45rpm Speed Control

Pro-Ject Audio Systems 6PerspeX SB Turntable Stand-Alone Motor w/ Pulley & Drive Belt

The motor is seated in its own cutout at the back corner of the plinth, far & away from the phono cartridge. The power supply converts the AC from your wall outlet to DC which then feeds the AC motor, decoupling your turntable from the usually-imprecise mains power. This translates to impeccable platter speed at 33 & 45rpm, adjustable with the push of a button.

EVO 9 CC Tonearm w/ Sumiko Amethyst MM Phono Cartridge

Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Showing Closeup of EVO 9 CC Carbon Fiber Tonearm & Sumiko Amethyst MM Phono Cartridge

Utilizing a one-piece carbon fiber armtube, a ABEC 7 quality Cardanic bearings, massive aluminum gimbals & a TPE-damped counterweight, the EVO 9 CC tonearm excels at 'getting out of the way,' as a tonearm should. The friction-free bearings with zero bearing 'play' in unison with a resonance-damping, ultra-stiff conical carbon fiber tube precipitate to supreme transparency, allowing all the musical information through. The optional Sumiko Amethyst moving magnet phono cartridge is a perfect physical match for EVO 9 CC. The line-contact stylus extracts every bit of detail from the record groove while lending a prevailingly smooth, somewhat 'warm' voice to the equation that blends beautifully with the suspended design of the 6PerspeX turnable.

Run it Balanced

Pro-Ject 6PerspeX SB Suspended Record Player - Rear View Showing Phono Outputs

Your eyes are not deceiving you. You're looking at RCA (unbalanced) audio outputs. However, Pro-Ject terminates the tonearm wire in a balanced configuration within the RCA junction box. With the appropriate cable (Connect it Phono DS RCA > Mini XLR), you can send a balanced signal onward to the balanced mini XLR input of either the Phono Box S3 B or the Phono Box DS3 B phono preamps. Note: a moving coil cartridge is also required to achieve True Balanced operation. MC cartridges are balanced by nature while at this time, no moving magnet cartridges on the market send a balanced signal from their output pins.


Straight & S-Shaped EVO Tonearms by Pro-Ject Audio Systems - Featuring the EVO 12 AS Premium HG on Xtension 12 Evolution Turntable

New Tonearms Bolster Pro-Ject's High-End Turntables

EVO Tonearm Range Overview

The tonearm is instrumental (audio pun intended!) to the performance of your vinyl playback system. If sound quality is a top priority for you, it's essential that you consider the tonearm part of the equation. Thankfully with Pro-Ject, you don't have to think too hard about it. We understand that a phono cartridge can only perform its best when mounted to a rigid, carefully & precisely-machined fixture that is free of friction & unwanted resonance. Every Pro-Ject tonearm passes this test. You won't find that nagging 'play' (or wiggle) in our tonearm bearings, and we use the materials that offer you, the listener, the best balance of cost-to-performance; keep in mind that Pro-Ject popularized the concept of reasonably priced one-piece carbon fiber tonearms.

While every Pro-Ject turntable includes a top-notch tonearm, we know that there will always be that population of vinyl enthusiasts who listen more critically and engage more heavily with their audio gear. After all, in this hobby, even small tweaks can make noticeable differences. We aim to put the control in your hands with our latest series of optional tonearms designed to work with existing Pro-Ject plinth geometries. Now you have the option of pursuing, purchasing and installing the tonearm that best suits your listening habits and that provides an optimal physical match for your phono cartridge (or cartridges!).

Today we're here to give you a what's what with the new EVO tonearm line. You can view the range essentially as 4 tonearms available in 3 lengths (9, 10 or 12 inch) and in 2 finishes (black or high-gloss silver). This should help you sift through the nomenclature...

  • Formula: EVO + length + standard or premium + finish = tonearm model
  • 9, 10, 12 = effective tonearm length
  • CC = carbon fiber armtube
  • CA = carbon/aluminum armtube
  • AS = aluminum, S-shaped armtube

3 of these tonearms are not new! Yes, their names have been rearranged slightly for the sake of clarity. The EVO 9 CC Black, EVO 10 CC Black & EVO 12 CC Black have been shipping with our Xtension 9 Evolution, Xtension 10 Evolution & Xtension 12 Evolution turntables (respectively) for years now. RPM 9 Carbon & RPM 10 Carbon ship with the EVO 9 CC Black & the EVO 10 CC Black. You'll also find the EVO 9 CC Black on the X8 Evolution, the 6 PerspeX SB as well as the RPM 5 Carbon turntables.

To continue using the EVO 9 CC as an example, it can now be ordered in silver, denoted simply with an HG (high-gloss). The tonearm model then becomes EVO 9 CC HG. Were it the Premium version, it'd look like this: EVO 9 CA Premium Black or EVO 9 CA Premium HG. We've laid out all options conveniently on our site. Visit the links below and click the "Length" and "Finish" boxes to view the variations...

EVO CC - Straight, One-Piece Tonearm

EVO AS - S-Shaped Tonearm w/ Removable Headshell

EVO CA Premium - Straight, One-Piece Tonearm

EVO AS Premium - S-Shaped Tonearm w/ Removable Headshell

Standard tonearm versions include the following...

  • High-purity copper tonearm wire
  • Carbon fiber armtube (EVO CC)
  • High-mass aluminum tonearm gimbals
  • ABEC 7 quality Cardanic bearings

Premium tonearm versions include the following upgrades...

  • Crystal-matched high-purity silver tonearm wire
  • Carbon/aluminum armtube (EVO CA Premium)
  • High-mass stainless steel tonearm gimbals
  • Stainless steel counterweight with enclosed TPE damping
  • ABEC 7 quality Cardanic bearings (top-tier selection)

For Your Consideration

All HG parts are hand-polished at the factory in Europe. All tonearms ship with 2 counterweights for optimal cartridge matching. Additional counterweights are available for special-order. Any turntable can be special-ordered with your preferred tonearm factory-installed and with the price prorated accordingly.

X8 Evolution Turntable w/ EVO 9 CC HG Tonearm

The X8 Evolution is one of our most hard-hitting audiophile turntables in terms of price/performance value. It merges strengths of the Xtension 9 Evolution with more affordable aspects of the X2 B turntable which helps keep the price down. It ships standard with the EVO 9 CC Black tonearm and is pictured below with EVO 9 CC HG, featuring hand-polished, high-gloss (HG) aluminum parts. Any 9" Pro-Ject tonearm acts as drop-in replacement and each are a snap to work with. Two lateral grub screws through the armboard fasten the tonearm in place, the phono signal is sent to your phono preamp with the balanced 5-pin DIN output (also allowing you to upgrade your phono cables). For True Balanced operation, use a DIN > XLR cable to a balanced phono stage. If used with Pro-Ject's Phono Box S3 B or Phono Box DS3 B, a DIN > Mini XLR cable is also suitable.
Pro-Ject Audio Systems EVO 9 CC HG Audiophile Tonearm Mounted to X8 Evolution High-End Turntable

RPM 9 Carbon Turntable w/ EVO 9 CA Premium Tonearm

Have a look next at the the RPM 9 Carbon audiophile turntable. This is a special machine with the trappings of a turntable costing much more than it does. The chassis is cut away to eliminate the resonance potential of larger plinths. It is then filled with metal granules for additional isolation. The motor is the stand-alone type, further preventing vibration from reaching the platter. The high-mass record platter is precision-machined from aluminum, TPE-damped and adds an integrated vinyl record mat with our world-famous Record Puck. It rotates on an inverted ceramic ball bearing for the utmost precision & longevity. The supplied tonearm is the EVO 9 CC Black, and here we're showing you what the turntable looks like with the EVO 9 CA Premium HG.  This tonearm uses a 2-layer armtube of aluminum wrapped in carbon fiber. The bearing gimbals are made from hand-polished stainless steel. The counterweight & stub are also improved over the standard EVO 9 CC Black tonearm. The RPM 9 Carbon levitates on opposing magnets within the isolation feet and does not included a base. Here we're showing it with a Ground it Deluxe 1 isolation platform- another add-on to boost isolation & enhance sound quality.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems EVO 9 CA HG Audiophile Tonearm Mounted to an RPM 9 Carbon High-End Turntable

Xtension 10 Evolution Turntable w/ EVO 10 AS Tonearm

The Xtension 10 Evolution builds on the merits of the Xtension 9 Evolution. It uses a larger, more massive & resonant-absorbing MDF plinth to support a much heavier TPE-damped machined aluminum record platter, again with the integrated vinyl mat to be couple with your vinyl LPs with the supplied Record Puck. The plinth is filled with metal granulate and floats on opposing magnets in the isolation feet. The larger plinth accommodates a 10" tonearm, the length of which widens the tonearm's arc across the record which in turn reduces distortion caused by tracing error. The EVO 10 CC Black is the standard tonearm while below we show you the Xtension 10 Evolution (in Palisander) with the EVO 10 AS tonearm- the s-shaped variety with a user-replaceable headshell. The detachable  headshell is perfect for cartridge collectors & enthusiasts who like to experiment with various voicings.

Pro-Ject EVO 10 AS HG Curved Tonearm with Replaceable Headshell Mounted to an Xtension 10 Audiophile Turntable

Xtension 9 Evolution Turntable w/ EVO 9 AS Premium Tonearm

Our beloved Xtension 9 Evolution is pictured below (in Eucalyptus!). This time we're showing you the EVO 9 AS Premium Black tonearm (EVO 9 CC Black is standard). Suspended on opposing magnets within the feet, the meaty MDF plinth all but floats- free from vibration-born interference. The plinth itself is filled with metal granules to create a central mass point that draws resonance away from the platter, arm & cartridge. Opposing magnets around the bearing shaft (in plinth) and bushing (in platter) allow for smoother rotation & bearing relief. The motor is isolated in its own housing away from the platter and tonearm. A high-mass, TPE-damped aluminum platter rotates on an inverted ceramic ball bearing and again, the integrated vinyl mat & supplied Record Puck couple your vinyl LPs to the platter. Adding up all the audiophile implementations, the X Series turntables are capable of some seriously high fidelity, even more-so with an EVO CA Premium or EVO AS Premium tonearm.

Pro-Ject EVO 9 AS Premium Curved Tonearm on Xtension 9 Evolution Audiophile Turntable

EISA Best Vinyl System 2023-24 Award - Pro-Ject Audio Systems T2 W Wi-Fi Streaming Turntable

Pro-Ject's T2 W Wi-Fi Streaming Turntable - Best Vinyl System EISA Award!

Pro-Ject T2 W Turntable - EISA Award for Best Vinyl System of 2023-24

Pro-Ject Audio Systems' #1 priority is you, the listener. Moreover, our mission is to provide you with the best-sounding turntables, electronics & hi-fi accessories that your hard-earned money can buy. Pro-Ject is widening their scope here with the T2 W record player- a lossless wi-fi streaming turntable designed with special attention paid to delivering the best possible performance from a player with such capabilities. The T2 W expands on the quality of the world-famous T1 range, implementing a more massive plinth, a thicker & heavier tempered glass record platter and a 9" one-piece aluminum tonearm. We've included the Sumiko Rainier moving magnet phono cartridge ($149 value, mounted & aligned) to offer a deeply satisfying listening experience right out of the box while allowing for simple, profound upgrades via the Olympia, Moonstone and Wellfleet replacement styli. Having so much impact on overall sound quality, we had to be discerning about the phono preamp circuitry we selected. Extensive listening evaluations lead us to a phono board that closely mimics the aptitude of our Phono Box S2 ($199 value)- a clear winner in terms of cost/performance. Keep in mind, though, that the T2 W's built-in phono preamp only handles MM cartridges. We've selected high-quality streaming circuitry that does proper justice to what the turntable & phono preamp are capable of.

We're not the only folks who are 'over the moon' about this product's entrance into the market... The Expert Imaging & Sound Association (EISA) have come aboard as well. Here's what they have to say!

"The T2 W is an audacious attempt to marry analogue vinyl playback with digital convenience, and one that Pro-Ject manages to pull off with zest. At its core is a belt-drive turntable with 9in aluminium tonearm and Sumiko MM cartridge, plus electronic speed control, but elevating the T2 W is an integrated wireless module that lets owners stream their music to networked speakers and hi-fi systems. The ‘Pro-Ject Control’ app makes setup and operation easy, with options including lossless 48kHz/24-bit FLAC output and automatic streaming when you drop the needle. Spinning discs, while integrating the vinyl format into a ‘modern’ system, has never been easier."

Pro-Ject T2 W Streaming Turntable Profile View Showing Tonearm, Sumiko Phono Cartridge & Built-In Phono Preamp

Pro-Ject USA at Audio Advice Live 2023 - The Premier Audio & Video Experience

Pro-Ject Displays at Audio Advice Live 2023!

Audio Advice Live - The Premier Audio & Video Experience

Pro-Ject USA is excited to be sharing some our best sounds & styles at Audio Advice Live in Raleigh, NC. The event is hosted by our friends at Audio Advice- a longtime Reference Partner Dealer of Pro-Ject products here in the US. This year we're auditioning a Pro-Ject True Balanced System: our RPM 10 Carbon turntable with a Sumiko Starling MC cartridge to a Phono Box RS2 phono preamp (using a Connect it DS 5P > XLR balanced interconnect). The turntable & phono preamp are each powered by the Power Box RS2 Phono linear power supply. From there, the Michi P5 S2 preamp & M8 monoblock amplifiers take over & power the majestic new Stradivari speakers by Sonus faber. Nearby we're also auditioning our X8 Evolution turntable (Sumiko Moonstone cartridge) with amplification by our friends at McIntosh Labs & more speakers by Sonus faber (Electa Amator III). Pro-Ject's Colorful Audio System is also active in the bold & beautiful satin yellow finish. Our world-famous Debut Carbon EVO is on static display in satin green & satin blue along with the limited edition Metallica turntable and satin green Speaker Box 5 S2s.

There's a ton to see & hear! If you're in the Raleigh area we'd love for you to stop by, otherwise stay tuned for more news from the show and other Pro-Ject updates!


Pro-Ject Tristand Speaker Stands Lifestyle Image with Speaker Box 5 S2 Bookshelf Speakers

Isolation Matters - Pro-Ject Releases Tristand & Wall Mount it 5/4

The hi-fi audio hobby is rife with opportunities to upgrade & tweak your system. Needless to say, some upgrades are easier to make than others and some upgrades have more profound impacts than others. The best upgrades are those that don't cost an arm & leg, make a readily audible improvement and are easy to implement. Always on top of the upgrade game, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has released two new products that meet these criteria. Both are proudly manufactured in Europe and are comprised of pure steel for maximum mass & rigidity for your dollar. These won't require a dramatic hit to your pocket book, are designed to last a lifetime and most importantly, they offer immediate improvements to your hi-fi listening experience.

Tristand Speaker Stands

In order for bookshelf speakers to perform their very best, isolation is paramount. Contrary to the term "bookshelf speakers," a bookshelf is not an ideal environment for placement of speakers. You can pretty much count on some detraction from sound quality if you're not using dedicated stands. First off, most speakers need some distance from the rear & side walls for proper stereo imaging. Second, in an environment such as a bookshelf, the speakers' own vibration can hinder their sound quality. Mainly it detracts from the clarity that speakers are capable of delivering, and all sorts of detail can get lost in that muddiness. Furthermore, at higher volumes and depending on the location of your audio components, that vibration can also affect the performance of turntables and other electronics. Thus it's important to isolate speaker vibration to the speaker cabinet itself and to prevent external vibration from getting back to the speakers. Made of high-mass steel and including spike feet for the bottom and top platforms, Tristand will leave you no doubt that your speakers are doing their job at their very best.
Pro-Ject Audio Systems Tristand Bookshelf (Stand-Mount) Speakers Stands in Black & White

Wall Mount it 5/4 Audio Rack

Isolation is important for all audio components, not just speakers. It's just as important to shield your CD Player, power amplifier, line preamp and phono preamp from the negative impacts of vibration & resonance. We know this is particularly true of turntables. Yes, a tonearm & cartridge may mis-track if poorly isolated, but the problem goes deeper than just record skipping. The phono cartridge is a highly-sensitive transducer that deals specifically in vibration- namely the stylus vibrates in response to the vertical & lateral contours of the record groove. If vibration and resonance find their way back to the record player (or if the turntable itself is of poor quality and resonates internally), the phono cartridge is sure to pick it up. Whether it interferes with playback (causes skipping) or not, the sound will be colored unfavorably. Here again, clarity, resolution & detail will suffer meaning you're missing out on some of the musical information your audio system is trying to convey! Poor isolation can impact other components in a similar way, perhaps just to a lesser degree. Most folks just target turntable isolation, unknowing of the fact that the rest of their equipment can benefit from the same sort of attention. In the new Wall Mount it 5/4, Pro-Ject Audio Systems takes the liberty of offering one high-quality, wall-mountable steel shelf with 4 platforms for your various audio components. Each shelf rests on spikes to minimize surface contact, and the intelligent frame design sends vibration and resonance back into the 'mechanical ground'- in this case, the wall.
Pro-Ject Audio Systems Wall Mount it 5/4 Steel Wall-Mounted Audio Rack in Black

Pro-Ject are Audio Isolation Experts

Pro-Ject Audio Systems have been doing the research & development for decades. Unlike elsewhere in the market, you won't find record players made of plastic shells with hollow spaces that act as resonance caverns... Pro-Ject uses solid plinth designs comprised of high-quality MDF which actually absorbs resonance before it can reach the record platter, tonearm & phono cartridge stylus. Consequently Pro-Ject turntables become increasingly 'transparent' as you climb up the line, passing along loads of micro-detail that make a sound stage more immersive and convincing. It doesn't stop with turntable design, though. Pro-Ject puts the ball in your court with a whole selection of products offered specifically to isolate your audio components from performance-prohibiting vibration. View our isolation category here at Pro-Ject USA see just how we can help you get the best sound from your system. In addition to the new Tristands & Wall Mount it 5/4, we've got various isolation platforms, wall shelves, record platter upgrades, sub-platter upgrades, record clamps & pucks, record mats, isolation pods among a whole lot more- all in the spirit of putting you in control of your sound.

Pro-Ject USA Favorite Music Playlists for Streaming [Ft. Stream Box S2 Ultra & Pre Box S2 Digital]

Pro-Ject USA Playlists!

Friends of Pro-Ject,

Pro-Ject Audio Systems turntables, hi-fi electronics & hi-fi accessories are imported & distributed by Pro-Ject USA- a member of the Fine Sounds Americas collection of world-class brands like Rotel / Michi hi-fi amplifiers & CD players, Sonus faber audiophile & home theater loudspeakers as well as premium moving magnet & moving coil phono cartridges by Sumiko Analog.

Needless to say, we at Fine Sounds Americas are all just nuts for music and we'd like to share with you a slice of our excitement. We regularly put our heads together to build the riotously entertaining playlists you see below. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Follow us on Spotify for access to existing and future playlists such as...

Our Favorite Solos  |  Totally 90s  |  Instrumental Music  |  Our Favorite Country Songs  |  Cover Songs  |  Motown Music  |  Chill Vibes  |  Our Favorite Metal Albums  |  Guilty Pleasures  |  Our First Albums

Looking for hi-res digital listening? We've got you covered too. Also follow Fine Sounds Americas on TIDAL & Qobuz.

Pro-Ject Audio Summer 2023 Turntable Sale Ft. Unprecedented Debut Series Discounts

Summer 2023 Turntable Sales are ON!

Greetings, friends of Pro-Ject Audio Systems! We are in the thick of summer when the heat & humidity are pommeling us... It's the perfect time to hunker down with your audio gear and get immersed in your music while we endure the remaining dog days of the season. Three turntables are now on special for a limited time...

Debut Carbon EVO Record Player in Gloss Black - Save $100 through July 31st!

Pro-Ject Audio Systems Debut Carbon EVO Piano Black Turntable Sale

If you've considered the Debut Carbon EVO turntable but haven't yet ordered one, now is your time to pounce. At it's retail price of $599, it's already considered the Industry Standard in Value. Dedicated solely to providing the best possible sound quality for your dollar, it features a carbon fiber tonearm, a dense & massive MDF plinth, height-adjustable TPE-damped isolation feet, Speed Box technology for speed stability & push-button speed control, the highly acclaimed Sumiko Rainier MM phono cartridge ($149) among other features that further the cause of sound quality. Visit our Debut Carbon EVO page for complete product details, downloads & industry reviews. Save $100 through July 31st at your Pro-Ject Audio Systems dealer!

A few upgrade options: Sumiko Olympia, Moonstone or Wellfleet stylus (works with fitted Sumiko Rainier cartridge), Debut ALU aluminum sub-platter, Acryl it record platter, True Balanced compatible

Debut III Phono SB Record Player in Piano Black or Real Walnut Veneer - Save $350 through Labor Day!

Pro-Ject Debut III Phono SB Summer Turntable Sale - Includes MM Cartridge & Built-In Phono Preamp

This is the venerable Debut design that brought Pro-Ject Audio Systems global notoriety and laid the foundation for the Debut Carbon EVO. It was designed to be simple: to focus solely on the things that matter most when it comes to attaining high-quality analog reproduction of your vinyl LPs. Debut III uses a 8.6" one-piece aluminum tonearm, a massive & dense MDF plinth, effective isolation feet and a stamped steel record platter. Debut III Phono SB enhances quality & convenience with Speed Box technology (SB) which stabilizes platter speed and allows for push-button speed control, also a built-in moving magnet phono preamp (Phono) that synergizes harmoniously with fitted OM 5E phono cartridge by Ortofon. The built-in phono preamp is bypass-able should you already have the phono preamp you prefer. Save $350 with your Pro-Ject dealer through Labor Day weekend or while supplies last.

Automat A1 Fully Automatic Record Player - Save $100 through July 31st

Pro-Ject Automat A1 Automatic Turntable with Phono Preamp - Summer 2023 Sale!

If you're the type of listener who'd rather 'set it & forget it,' we've also got something for you this summer. The Automat A1 is Pro-Ject Audio Systems' first fully automatic record player with a built-in MM phono preamp. Under the record platter there's an on/off switch for the phono preamp, meaning the circuit is bypass-able for those who want to use their own phono preamp or have one built into their integrated amplifier or receiver. Like all things Pro-Ject, the Automat A1 is a Sound-First Design. Pro-Ject has not only optimized convenience factor of this player, they've raised the bar for how good an automatic turntable can sound. It features an Ortofon OM 10 MM phono cartridge- a classic workhorse cartridge known for its transparency. Now through the end of July, save $100 on the A1 with your Pro-Ject dealer.

Sound Matters Video Reviews of VC-E2 & VC-S3 Record Cleaning Vacuum Machines

Pro-Ject's VC-E2 & VC-S3 Record Cleaning Machines - New Reviews & Videos!

Replacing the VC-E and VC-S2, Pro-Ject Audio Systems' latest VC-E2 and VC-S3 record cleaning machines are now beginning to ship within the US. Keep in mind that Pro-Ject USA expects normal stock levels by August this summer. In the meantime, the new record cleaning machines are available on a limited basis while the VC-S2 is on special (VC-E is sold out!). Talk to your dealer about getting an order in place to secure your spot in line!

Pro-Ject's vacuum-based record cleaning machines are easy to use, reasonably priced, and most importantly, they meticulously and thoroughly clean your records so that all that's left to hear is the music. Grime in the record grooves translates to noise that drowns out the micro-detail in your analog playback experience, depriving you of the nuances that can be the most charming: fingers on the frets, the brush on the drum head, the breath of the vocalist. Pro-Ject's record cleaning machines bring this sort of charm closer to the surface and more available to your ears. Remember that even new records tend not to be 'clean' as we understand it. It's typical for a new record to have what's known as mold-release compound in the record grooves (it facilitates the clean separation of the record from the press). If you want to extract as much music as possible from the grooves, the record in question should be cleaned, and Pro-Ject has developed these machines to heighten efficacy & efficiency while remaining in the "real-world-prices" category of analog audio equipment.

Improvements to the VC-E2 are as follows:

-Side-facing ventilation outlet

-Improved cabinet design with rounded corners

-Magnetic record clamp to speed up the process

-Replaceable 1-piece arm strip (scrubs record while rotating)

-Ready-to-use (pre-mixed) Wash it 2 cleaning fluid for 33, 45 & 78rpm records

Improvements to the VC-S3 are as follows:

-Improved cabinet design with rounded corners

-Magnetic record clamp to speed up the process

-Replaceable 1-piece arm strip (scrubs record while rotating)

-Ready-to-use (pre-mixed) Wash it 2 cleaning fluid for 33, 45 & 78rpm records

-Aluminum motor mounting pads & cataphoretically treated motor (reduces corrosion)


The process is relatively similar with each machine... Place the record over the record spindle, place the magnetic clamp over the record label, apply the cleaning fluid to the vinyl LP, flip the switch to the rotate the platter with the vinyl LP affixed to it, work the Wash it 2 record cleaning fluid in the the grooves with the supplied goat-hair record brush while the record rotates a few times (or longer for very dirty records), bring the vacuum arm over the radius of the record & engage the vacuum switch. The platter and record will continue to rotate until you stop it with the switch. The muck suspended by the cleaning fluid should be gone in a rotation or two and the record completely dry by the time you get it over to your turntable to spin it proper.

As a rule, the VC-S3 is your best option if you're cleaning records in volume. VC-E2 is more than sufficient for clean-as-you-listen people. Please review the user manuals for detailed instructions. User guides and product brochures can be found in the 'downloads' section at the bottom of the product pages for VC-E2 and VC-S3, respectively.

Marc Henshall of Sound Matters has produced these fine articles and videos for your education & enjoyment. He's got experience with the preceding VC-E & VC-S2 and offers up his experience with those in addition to the latest VC-E2 & VC-S3.

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