30 Years

For nearly 30 years, Fine Sounds Americas (FKA Sumiko Audio) has brought the finest high-end audio products to North America from around the globe. From its humble beginnings as a phono cartridge importer, Fine Sounds Americas has carefully selected its partners and is now comprised of Pro-Ject, Sonus Faber, Sumiko Phono Cartridges, Rotel and Bassocontinuo to assemble a complete answer to every audiophile’s most burning question: what should I buy?

Analog & Digital

The result is a family of analog and digital audio components that allows you to easily and confidently build your dream audiophile system from the ground up, no matter how big or small your dreams may be. From power amplifiers, speakers, and turntables to streaming devices, DAC’s, and headphone amps, Fine Sounds Americas simply has the best to offer in high-end audio.



Fine Sounds & Pro-Ject

Fine Sounds Americas’ relationship with Pro-Ject Audio started in 1993 when Heinz Lichtenegger, CEO of Pro-Ject Audio Systems, recognized that we would be instrumental in establishing his European-proven brand here in the US. This relationship has propelled Pro-Ject to become one of the most venerated brands in affordable high-end audio today.