Debut Carbon EVO & Debut PRO
Complimentary Olympia Stylus Upgrade!

*Valid today –  12/31/22 or while supplies last.

Friend of Pro-Ject,

We’re reaching out with news of an exciting promotion designed to help give you a great reason to purchase an award-winning Debut Carbon EVO or Debut PRO turntable this Winter. Here it is…

Buy a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO or Debut PRO, proceed to register your promo purchase (click here!) and receive a Sumiko Olympia stylus upgrade at no charge!

The Olympia is a fantastic “no tools required” upgrade for the Debut Carbon EVO and Debut PRO that builds on the strength of our best-selling Rainier cartridge and provides even better performance with these amazing ‘tables. The mechanics of the promo are simple. Buy an abovementioned turntable and register it on our website. Expect a follow-up email from Pro-Ject USA requesting a copy of your proof of purchase. Upon receiving your proof of purchase, we will send you an Olympia replacement stylus at no cost ($119 value) that supercharges their factory-installed Rainier cartridge into a $200 Olympia! Pretty sweet deal…

Sumiko Olympia – Recommended by the Experts

“From the Rainier to the Olympia, you get another level of acoustic refinement to the mix with an upgraded stylus and cantilever assembly, allowing for more dynamic punch and improved frequency response during playback. Due to its improved tracking capabilities, the Olympia is an excellent return on investment when upgrading from the Rainier cartridge and can even be upgraded to the capable Moonstone stylus further on down the line.”
—Positive Feedback

“The MM Olympia offered outstanding, full-range playback and I was pleasantly surprised by its bass output, quite tight and full. This is quite possibly the best $200 cartridge I’ve heard.”
—Secrets of Home Theater Hi-Fi

“The Olympia cartridge is something of a Clark Kent: it’s usually the mild-mannered cartridge for a great metropolitan turntable. But then, it can duck into a phone booth and come out as the Cartridge of Steel, ready to handle the grittiest rock.”
—Soundstage! Access

Promo FAQs

Q: Where do I need to go to register the turntable?
A: Please visit the Pro-Ject USA promo registration page (click here!). Pro-Ject USA will then email you requesting an electronic, scanned or photographed copy of your proof of purchase. Upon receiving your proof of purchase, we will send you an Olympia replacement stylus at no cost.

Q: Where do I order the replacement stylus?
A: You don’t! Simply register the Debut Carbon EVO or Debut PRO on our registration page and provide proof of purchase. Pro-Ject USA will send you a complimentary Olympia stylus upgrade.

Q: How long will it take to receive the Olympia stylus?
A: We’ll do our best to be quicker, but we’re guaranteeing it in 4-6 weeks.

Q: How much is this going to cost me?
A: This promotional stylus upgrade comes at no charge and with no hidden fees. Except for the purchase of the turntable from your dealer, you will not be asked for payment information!

Q: Can you help me find a dealer?
A: Click here for online dealers, click here to support your local dealer!

Q: I JUST purchased a Debut Carbon EVO or Debut PRO… Can you help?
A: Sure thing. We’ll accept any proof of purchase from October 15, 2022 and newer.

Q: How long does this promotion last?
A: It’s effective immediately and will run through December 31, 2022.