Accessories on the House!

Offer valid now through 4/3/23

Friend of Pro-Ject,

Our ‘Plug-&-Play’ range of turntables merges quality with convenience for a vinyl experience that’s smooth in setup and pays its dividends in sound quality. Designed & built in Europe with the goal in mind of maximizing performance for your dollar, value of this ilk is rare to come by… yet we’re adding even more pizazz to these packages! For a limited time, order a Debut III Phono SB, a Debut III Phono BT, a T1 Phono SB or an Automat A1 turntable and we’ll contribute nearly $70 worth of accessories to your experience, all on the house:

Record Puck E – record stabilizer in black aluminum ($39 value)
Brush it – carbon fiber dry-cleaning record brush ($15 value)
Clean it – carbon fiber dry-cleaning stylus brush ($15 value)

You read that right. Register your purchase (click here!) and receive all three accessories shipped to your doorstep at no additional charge! Place the Record Puck E record weight over the spindle to secure the record for heightened clarity & resolution in vinyl playback with zero detriment to the platter bearing. Use the Brush it to dissipate static and to clear dust from the record before each play, the Clean it brush to remove debris from your diamond stylus and you’re all set for an immersive audio experience that can be up & running in minutes and remains easily maintained.

Debut III Phono SB

A Limited Edition, Debut III Phono SB builds on the heritage of Debut Series turntables. Resting on decoupling isolation feet, a solid MDF base houses a sophisticated belt-driven resin sub-platter that both isolates & drives the heavy steel record platter. The tonearm tube is a one-piece 8.6” design comprised solely aluminum for optimal mass & rigidity. With frictionless tonearm bearings, the supplied Ortofon OM 5E MM phono cartridge delivers crystal-clear sonics with loads of detail. To top it off, we’ve added a built-in, switchable MM phono preamp to mate the turntable with your existing audio rig.

T1 Phono SB

Borrowing from Debut III, T1 Phono SB uses the same built-in phono preamp, OM 5E phono cartridge, one-piece 8.6” aluminum arm tube and decoupling isolation feet. A very similar resin sub-platter design is implemented, but here it supports a high-mass tempered glass record platter. We’ve taken the liberty of setting the tracking force at the factory so no tonearm adjustments are required on your end!

Automat A1

Pro-Ject’s first fully automatic turntable, A1 embodies convenience. The flip of a switch is all that’s needed to play a record side. The switch engages the platter and tonearm functions simultaneously. Then the tonearm lifts from the arm rest, moves laterally to the lead-in groove, tracks the record side, then lifts & returns back to the arm rest upon reaching the lead-out groove (also stopping the rotation of the platter and disengaging the power). Of course A1 also features an MM phono preamp to properly amplify the factory-mounted OM 5E phono cartridge, making it ready for integration with your system. Additional isolation added to the feet, a solid base and a carbon-reinforced headshell have been implemented to preserve sound quality. Here again, all tonearm adjustments have been made at the factory for your convenience.

Promo FAQs

Q: Where do I need to go to register the turntable?
A: Please visit the Pro-Ject USA promo registration page (click here!). Pro-Ject USA will then email you requesting an electronic, scanned or photographed copy of your proof of purchase. Upon receiving your proof of purchase, we will send you the accessories at no cost.

Q: Where do I order the Record Puck E, Brush it & Clean it?
A: You don’t! Simply register the Debut III Phono SB, T1 Phono SB or A1 on our registration page and provide proof of purchase. Pro-Ject USA will send you the complimentary accessories.

Q: How long will it take to receive the accessories?
A: We’ll do our best to be quicker, but we’re guaranteeing delivery in 4-6 weeks.

Q: How much is this going to cost me?
A: This promotional offer comes at no charge and with no hidden fees. Except for the purchase of the turntable from your dealer, you will not be asked for payment information!

Q: Can you help me find a dealer?

A: Click here for online dealers, click here to support your local dealer!

Q: I JUST purchased one of these turntables… Can you help?

A: Sure thing. We’ll accept any proof of purchase from November 1st, 2022 and newer.

Q: How long does this promotion last?

A: It’s effective now and will run through 4/2/23.