The 12″ precision tonearm with carbon fiber armtube from Pro-Ject provides precise tracking of the record groove and efficiently redirects parasitic vibrations away from the cartridge into the mounting board. The headshell and armtube are fashioned from a single piece of carbon fiber in a conical shape in order to avoid standing wave reflections. Furthermore, the inverted bearing, arm bearing and counterweight are all designed to avoid and reject resonance. Complete adjustment of arm height, VTA and headshell azimuth is easy and reliable. The silicone-damped armlift is also adjustable to suit the tonearm’s height. Internal wiring is flexible high-purity copper from headshell to the 5-pin connector. Supplied Counterweight is Sorbotahane-damped: Suitable for cartridges weighing between 4-7g, 6-9g, 8-12g and 10-15g. Optional Counterweight: Suitable for cartridges weighing between 15-20g or 17-22g. Effective length: 12″. Mounting distance from platter to tonearm base: 291.6mm. Effective Mass: 10.5g. Overhang: 13.2mm. Weight 271g (without counterweight). Note: compatible with the Linn standard.

12cc Evolution BOX (RCA junction box): $1300
12cc Evolution FL (flying leads): $1200
12cc Evolution 5P (female DIN): $1249

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