1Xpression returns to the Pro-Ject lineup for a limited time in the form of 1Xpression III! It leads with features like VTA adjustment, electronic speed control, an acrylic platter, conical isolation feet & the Pro-Ject Pick it 25A phono cartridge on a carbon fiber tonearm with integrated aluminum headshell.

The carbon tonearm suppresses unwanted reflections within the armtube. Implementing silver-plated copper in the coils, Pick it 25A portrays music with great speed and transparency. For 33 & 45rpm, there is no need adjust the belt on the pulley- electronic speed control allows you to switch between 33 & 45rpm with the flip of a switch (appropriate belt for 78rpm included!). The resonance-free acrylic platter fosters clarity in playback, and the conical feet are effective at ‘draining’ unwanted resonance from the plinth. Adding a low-friction stainless steel bearing in brass bushing for ultra-smooth & steady platter rotation, gold-plated RCA jacks Pro-Ject’s Connect it E semi-balanced low-impedance phono cable, you’ll find that 1Xpression III is simply a bargain when it comes to performance.

Finished in Pro-Ject’s lacquered piano gloss paint, the ‘table is just as pleasing to the eye (especially when adding the frosted acrylic platter!). A hinged dustcover is included for your convenience, and like all Pro-Ject turntables, 1Xpression III is handmade in Europe.

Additional information
Weight5.5 kg
Dimensions32 × 41.5 × 11.8 cm


  • Resonance-free acrylic platter
  • Pre-adjusted Pick it 25A cartridge
  • 8.6” tonearm design with carbon tube
  • Precision belt drive with electronic speed control
  • Speed switch on the bottom
  • Gold plated RCA sockets
  • High quality Connect it E phono cable
  • Dustcover included
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Speed change: 33, 45 (electronic) & 78 (manual)
  • Principle: belt drive
  • Speed variance 33: +/-0.20%, 45: +/-0.18%
  • Wow & flutter: 33: +/-0.14% 45: +/-0.13%
  • Platter: 300mm
  • Main bearing: stainless steel
  • Tonearm: 8.6” (carbon tube & alu headshell)
  • Effective arm length: 218.5mm
  • Overhang: 22.0mm
  • Effective tonearm mass: 8.0g
  • Recommended tracking force: 15mN
  • Included: 15V 800mA DC PSU, dustcover, RCA/ground cable
  • Power consumption: 4W / 0W Standby
  • Dimensions: 415 x 118 x 320mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 5.5kg net / 8.0kg gross weight