6PerspeX SB’s transparent acrylic plinth stands on three height-adjustable TPE-damped aluminum cones and carries the outboard motor and sub-chassis. The sub-chassis (made of Corian) rests on opposing magnets forming a unique suspended design. The sub-chassis suspension system staves off parasitic noise normally caused by conventional spring suspensions. A supplied spirit level allows for easy leveling of sub-chassis & record platter. The quiet-running AC motor unit drives the platter via the belt installed around the platter’s circumference. The motor incorporates an advanced DC-driven motor control that ensures speed stability and offers electronic toggling between 33 & 45rpm.

The resonance-optimized platter is a sandwich construction utilizing a precision-machined MDF plate coated 4mm thick in flat-ground recycled vinyl and a screw-down clamp for optimal record coupling. It runs on an inverted bearing with stainless steel axle carrying a ceramic ball/plate bearing. The headshell and armtube of the 9cc Evolution tonearm are fashioned from a single piece of carbon fiber. The conical armtube reduces standing wave reflections. The inverted tonearm bearing is comprised of four hardened stainless steel tips in ABEC 7 spec ball races.

Supplied either with or without a premium Sumiko Amethyst Moving Magnet cartridge, hand-made in Japan by the cartridge experts at Sumiko, it can be ready to play within a few minutes of unboxing. Supplied counterweights are suitable for cartridges weighing between 5 & 14g. Also supplied in the box is our Connect it E RCA-RCA phono cable (with ground) – a semi-balanced, low-capacitance cable with superior shielding that’s optimized to carry the phono signal.

Sumiko Stylus Replacement & A Unique Tour of the MM Design

Sumiko Phono Cartridges pair well with Pro-Ject tonearms. Their sonic synergy delivers non-fatiguing music that can be enjoyed for hours with no sacrifice to low-level detail & resolution- the things that make our music reproduction spring to life! Upgrading your stylus is an easy, low-risk path to immediate, audible improvement in your analog experience that only improve with break-in. Cartridge/stylus break-in occurs progressively as you listen. Our listeners notice the greatest degree of improvement in the 20-50 hour range. CLICK HERE to view the video tutorial for replacing and/or upgrading your Sumiko stylus! Also enjoy our gorgeous rendering of a Sumiko moving magnet cartridge in action HERE.

True Balanced – Get Blown Away

Setting us apart from the competition, all Pro-Ject turntables are configured for balanced operation.* Switching to balanced is no subtle upgrade and promises to redefine ‘reference’ sound quality in your turntable system. What’s needed to get there are a) a moving coil cartridge, b) a turntable with balanced phono outputs, c) a phono preamp with balanced phono inputs and d) a balanced cable carrying the phono signal from turntable to phono preamp. Typically a much more costly endeavor, Pro-Ject has changed that landscape by offering products that make the technology attainable to any serious listener.

6PerspeX SB comes equipped with a balanced RCA/ground phono output and can be run balanced with an RCA > mini XLR phono cable and a balanced phono stage with a mini XLR input (Phono Box S3 B & DS3 B). The turntable ships with an RCA/ground > RCA/ground phono cable for maximum compatibility out of the box (unbalanced dual single-ended RCA/ground is by far the most common connection type in phono). Balanced add-ons are sold separately. Browse options for balanced phono preamps & cables in the reel below!

*Excluding turntables with built-in phono preamps.

Additional information
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 36.5 × 46 × 18.3 cm



  • Acrylic Plinth
  • Sub-chassis made from Corian with magnetic suspension
  • Acoustically inert sandwich construction of platter (vinyl-coated MDF)
  • Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball/plate
  • Belt drive with AC motor using DC driven AC generator
  • Electronic speed control with 33/45 rpm switching
  • 9cc Evolution pre-mounted 9″ tonearm
  • Tonearm bearings with ABEC 7 ballraces
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Nominal speeds: 33/45 r.p.m.
  • Speed variance: ±0,1%
  • Wow and flutter: ±0,06%
  • Signal to noise: 73dB
  • Effective tonearm mass: 8g
  • Effective tonearm length: 9″ (230mm)
  • Overhang: 18mm
  • Power consumption: 6W max / <0,3W stanby
  • Outboard power supply: 15V DC / 800 mA AC, 90-264V AC, 47 – 63Hz