Accu Box S2 USB is an accu driven power supply that delivers perfectly transmissioned power to any 5V input product. The big advantage being that the power supply is then separated from the polluted mains. No disturbing interference can be passed on to the unit this way, resulting in a more clear and spacious sound signature. The 2600 mAh capacity will give many hours of listening pleasure. In contrary to regular power banks, Accu Box S2 USB uses Li-Pol batteries. The LEDs on the front panel indicate when the unit needs to be connected to its power supply and if it is powering a separate unit. The superior aluminium/metal casing not only looks great it also protects effectively against vibrations and electromagnetic interferences!

Additional information
Weight0.42 kg
Dimensions10.6 × 10.3 × 3.7 cm



  • Superlative audiophile power transmission
  • Li-Ion Accu driven power supply
  • No disturbing interferences through mains
  • Perfect for all S2 DACs
  • 1 x 5V USB A output
  • 2600 mAh capacity
  • LED indication for charging and mains
  • Full aluminium/metal casework
  • Available in black or silver
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Output voltage / current: 1x 5V/1A (USB A)
  • Capacity: 2600 mAh (Li-Ion batteries)
  • Charging time: 3 hours (outputs disabled)
  • External battery charger: 8.4 V output

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