At the heart of audiophile-grade Amp Box DS2 is an efficient and energy-saving Class D module. It delivers high output power that drives even demanding speakers and operates with very low, frequency-independent THD amounting to the cleanest sound possible. The top-grade power amplifier module also guarantees load-independent frequency response, low output impedance and a very low noise floor, thus meeting our highest sonic standards in terms of spaciousness, dynamics & fine detail. A four-layered PCB allows for very short signal paths that further contribute to Amp Box DS2’s sonic improvements over its predecessor.

Additional information
Weight 1.67 kg
Dimensions 19.4 × 20.6 × 6.8 cm



  • Superior Class D modules
  • Impressive signal spectrum and lower distortion
  • High efficiency from mains to audio power
  • Low heat emission
  • Stereo level input (RCA)
  • Loop output (RCA)
  • Isolated speaker outputs
  • Trigger input & loop out
  • Elegant aluminium – metal sandwich casing
  • Available in black or silver with optional wooden side panels
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Power output: 2 x 100W/140W at 8ohm/4ohm (both channels driven)
  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 50kHz (0dB, -3dB)
  • Channel separation: >40dB at 20kHz
  • Noise floor: >90dB
  • THD: <0.1% at 90W
  • Gain: 31dB
  • Pre in: 2 pair RCA (bypass input-output)
  • Input sensitivity: 550mV (100W, 4ohms)
  • Input impedance: 10kohm
  • Speaker connectors: 4mm banana plugs
  • Trigger: 12V switching voltage
  • Trigger in and out: 2-pole coaxial 2,5mm jack
  • Outboard power supply: +/-48/2,5ADC, suitable for your countries mains supply
  • Power consumption: 2,5A DC, <1W in standby

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