Audiophiles rejoice! This vinyl brush is the simplest record cleaning solution to protect your record collection by eliminating surface dust from the record surface as you play. Our record brush features high-quality anti-static carbon fiber bristles.

During playback, holding these carbon fiber brush bristles over your vinyl record does more than get rid of the build up. This vinyl record brush removes dust particles from LP records, 10-inch, and 7-inch records by creating an anti-static discharge. Static electricity attracts dust to your records meaning that your hi-fi system will pick up pops and crackles as you listen, but a carbon fiber record brush avails you of that issue.

Rather than having to run a microfiber cloth, velvet brush, or wet cleaning solution, this is a quick and easy way to clean records when you plan to listen. Even a typical vinyl record cleaner without an anti-static record brush will leave your records holding a little bit of a static charge.

​As you transport them from inner sleeves to your turntable, the stylus could still catch on some conductive material invisible to the naked eye. Even the most careful and dedicated vinyl collector contends with the enemy of household dust and fibers that float in the air and land on a record surface.

Pairing this cleaning brush with a stylus brush creates a more complete record cleaning kit. This record cleaning brush will leave your stylus cleaner and your record player sounding clearer over time.

Carbon fiber bristles are the ideal material for a cleaner brush. Accept no substitutes.

Pro-Ject USA’s own Jeff Coates says: I’m a big believer in a thorough wet cleaning before the first play and at least a quick brush for dust before every subsequent play. After a party or after a record’s been in heavy rotation, I’ll often do another wet cleaning on a vacuum cleaning system before putting it away.


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