Vinyl sounds best when unwanted resonances between the record and platter are reduced during playback, requiring a record clamp. The Clamp it from Pro-Ject is engineered to ensure your record stays put while you’re enjoying it.

The Clamp it keeps the surfaces of the record and platter solidly mated. Standard record pucks use weight to achieve this, but have two disadvantages: 1) The added weight can actually induce higher levels of main bearing rumble on lower-cost turntables that typically have less massive bearings, 2) Instead of tightening the records surface to the platter, heavyweight record pucks can cause the opposite: Vinyl will get shaped like a bowl with no contact of the outer edges of the record to the platter. Both scenarios will negatively affect playback.

The Clamp it provides a real solution to the above problems by clamping around the center spindle without adding excessive weight. You can also fine-tune clamping pressure depending on the condition of your warped records and can be installed within seconds. This accessory will not only please your ears, but it’s pleasing to the touch. It’s precision-machined and built to look great on any turntable!

*Note: due to platter + sub-platter vs. spindle height, we’ve determined that Clamp it is not compatible with T1, T1 Phono SB, nor T1 Phono BT.

Additional information
Weight .012 kg
Dimensions 7.8 × 3.3 cm