RS Cables w/ Silver, Rhodium & Carbon

Connect it RS signal cables use a pure silver conductors for the highest conductivity over the whole frequency range. This means that all musical information is preserved & transferred without coloration. Silver is a better, faster conductor than is copper which results in a more detail & openness in the soundstage. The extremely low-level phono signal sees the greatest benefit to using silver conductors, so these cables are strongly recommended from turntable to phono preamp. Shielded with a pure-silver-plated OFC helix and a carbon-saturated conductive sub-jacket, the signal is perfectly isolated while the cable remains flexible. 

For the speaker cables (LS) we use special high-purity OCC (Ohno continuous cast) copper which is produced with a vertical vacuum in a continuous casting technique. The result is an ultra-pure crystal copper that’s especially effective for audio applications.

All RS-Line connectors feature rhodium-plated copper signal pins enclosed in a non-conductive carbon fiber housing.

Why Cable Quality Matters

Quality cables don’t make your gear sound better as much as they can pass along the full extent of the musical information that that gear can convey. A good cable ensures the transfer of detail & spacial information from one piece of gear to another while rejecting external interference that manifests as noise. Using a poorly designed cable can limit the potential of your hi-fi setup and can definitely exacerbate the “bottleneck effect.” Some folks compare it to automotive concepts; a sports car’s engine is equally powerful with good tires and bad ones, but take that car to the road with bad tires and you’ll be missing out on the full experience. The same applies to sound systems. Good turntables, phono preamps & amplifiers need quality cabling so that their potential can be actualized & delivered to your ears!

Our “Connect it” cable lineup offers different connection types & technologies as well as various conductor, shielding & connector materials. As usual with Pro-Ject, we’ve got a cable for everyone, and each one reliably out-performs its price. With 30+ years experience in hi-fi, we’ve developed four cable series that cover all your analog needs.

Pro-Ject Audio Cables Overview

To clarify the nomenclature, take the example of our standard phono cable that ships with most turntables: Connect it Phono E RCA. All cables are designated Connect it. The term Phono means it’s designed for the phono signal (always with ground whether balanced or not). refers to the cable series and of course, RCA clarifies the cable termination. The same formula applies to specialty (balanced) and line-level cables. Thusly, Connect it Line E RCA is a conventional line-level RCA cable without grounding spades, and Connect it Phono E RCA > Mini XLR refers to the E Series balanced phono cable that connects a turntable’s RCA output to a phono preamp’s balanced mini XLR input (as with Phono Box S3 B & DS3 B, Tube Box DS3 B). Keep in mind that anything with a mini XLR connector, standard XLRs or 5-pin DIN is a balanced cable and should be used in that context. Also note that LS is the designation for all speaker cables (Connect it LS E, LS S, LS DS & LS RS).

The E, S, DS & RS designations mirror our electronics’ nomenclature and can be viewed respectively as good, great, better & best! Like our electronics have increasingly sophisticated circuitry & features as you climb up the line, our cable series improve in quality with better signal conductors, shielding, dielectrics & connectors.

Connect it RS Cable ConnectorsPro-Ject Connect it RS Audio Cable Connectors - Balanced XLR, RCA, Speaker Cables & More

Additional information

5-Pin DIN > XLR, RCA w/ Ground, XLR, RCA, Speaker

Features & Specs

Phono & Line Cables

  • Conductors: crystal-matched silver
  • Construction: 2 x 0.2mm2
  • Capacitance: 71pF (1.23m)
  • Dielectric: high-flexibility cellular polyethylene
  • Shielding: helical silver-plated OFC, carbon fiber sub-jacket
  • Jacket: halogen-free TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
  • Connectors: rhodium-plated copper, carbon fiber isolated
  • Standard length: 1.23m (4.01′)

Speaker Cables

  • Conductors: 4 x 0.75mm2 OCC copper (Ohno continuous cast)
  • Jacket: RS jacket over transparent PVC
  • Standard length: 3m (9.84′)

Comparison Charts

Phono & Line-Level Audio CablesPro-Ject Audio Systems Connect it Audio Cables Comparison Chart - Phono & Line Cables


Full-Range Speaker Cables
Pro-Ject Audio Systems Speaker Cables Comparison Chart