Hi-fi lovers and casual audiophiles alike know that a cork mat can greatly change the sound quality of a record player. During playback, a turntable mat stabilizes the stylus against the vibration of acrylic or metal platters.

That’s why at Pro-Ject, we’re offering our Cork It turntable platter mat. This anti-static mat will dampen the vibration that impacts your analog listening experience. With no static load, a live recording with transport you to a music hall from your living room.

Even a low-vibration acrylic turntable platter without a cork slipmat can end up adding rumble to your vinyl record player. Slippage can also change the sound characteristics. Having a better grip with a cork turntable mat improves sound by letting the tonearm ride all the way to the record label with accuracy.

Listeners who prefer other record mat material should check out our cork & rubber turntable mat, leather turntable mat, and standard felt mat.

Check out this video for more on how different platter mat material impacts your listening experience.


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Dimensions 30 cm

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