Debut Carbon DC is the world-famous predecessor to Debut Carbon EVO. It features a one-piece carbon-fiber armtube & integrated headshell, which increases stiffness and decreases unwanted resonance. Carbon fiber is normally reserved for higher-end tonearms, but in-house manufacturing allows Pro-Ject to keep costs down in order to offer this tonearm design on more affordable turntables. The belt-drive design offers a low-noise AC motor with effective motor decoupling (TPE-suspended) and an ultra-precise DC-driven AC generator (‘Speed Box’ technology) for ultimate speed stability and minimal motor resonance.

Upgrade Your Debut Turntable

Most Debut owners are already aware of Acryl it – a stylish acrylic record platter that elevates the performance of all Debut variants via resonance control. Now you can further upgrade the platter assembly with Pro-Ject’s Debut Alu Sub-Platter – a higher-precision design that adds mass to the drive system, thus delivering improved speed stability and even more resonance control than Acryl it alone. Whether you own the new Debut Carbon EVO, Debut Carbon DC, Esprit, RecordMaster, or even the older Debut III (among others!), your analog system stands to benefit from the Debut Alu Sub-Platter.

Additional information
Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 32 × 41.5 × 11.8 cm

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    • 8.6” carbon tonearm
    • Massive machined aluminium platter
    • Precision belt drive with synchronous motor
    • Precision DC power supply, DC-driven AC generator
    • TPE motor suspension
    • Felt mat
    • Multiple high-gloss colours
    • Dust cover included
    • Handmade in Europe



    • Nominal speeds: 33/45 r.p.m., 78 r.p.m. optional
    • Speed variance 33: ±0,60%, 45: ±0,70%
    • Wow and flutter 33: ±0,19%, 45: ±0,17%
    • Signal to noise: 68dB
    • Effective tonearm mass: 6g
    • Effective tonearm length: 8,6 ” ( 218,5mm)
    • Overhang: 18,5mm
    • Power consumption: 4W/0W in Stand-By
    • Outboard power supply: 15V / 0 – 0.8mA DC (set at 0.5mA), universal power supply