The first Debut turntable, introduced in the late 1990s, was a revolution for the hi-fi industry. For the first time after the arrival of Compact Disc and the assumed demise of vinyl records, an analogue product re-emerged in the “mass market” – something all music lovers could afford. The new Debut RecordMaster has been designed to set new standards in this category, utilizing decades of turntable design and manufacturing experience. Audiophile performance without gimmicks, high performance without fussy setup and calibration. It comes with a 300mm steel platter belt drive design isdecoupled from the MDF plinth with a TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) suspension. A high precision, DC-driven AC generator creates ultimate speed stability (no need for expense and noise of stroboscope speed adjustment). Push button electronic speed change (like the legendary “Speed Box“ control) to easily change between 33.3 and 45rpm, and the capability of playing 78rpm. Asimple exchange of stylus to OM78 (not included) and a drive belt turnover to larger diameter of pulley is required, that´s all! Like all Pro-Ject designs, the Recordmaster eschews frills and silly “features”, focusing on performance and preservation of your vinyl collection Dustcover, and factory mounted/aligned Ortofon cartridge included. Available by special order in high-gloss black, red and white.

Additional information
Weight4.9 kg
Dimensions32 × 41.5 × 11.8 cm

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    • Precision belt drive with synchronous motor
    • Electronic speed controller/stabiliser with 33/45/78 rpm
    • 8,6″ aluminium tonearm
    • Steel platter weighing 1,3 kg with a felt mat
    • Built in MM phono preamplifier with USB out
    • Simultaneousl connection with amplifier & PC/Mac
    • Fitted OM 10 moving-magnet cartridge
    • Black, white & red gloss finishes, satin walnut
    • Dustcover included
    • Handmade in Europe



    • Nominal speeds: 33/45 r.p.m., 78 r.p.m. optional
    • Speed variance 33: 0,2%, 45: 0,16%
    • Wow and flutter 33: 0,12%, 45: 0,11%
    • Signal to noise: 68dB
    • Effective tonearm mass: 6g
    • Effective tonearm length: 8,6 ” (218,5mm)
    • Overhang: 18,5mm
    • Power consumption: 4W/0W in Stand-By
    • Outboard power supply: 15V / 0 – 0.8mA DC (set at 0.5mA), universal power supply


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