Audiophiles know the value of having a better grip and anti-static felt mat on their turntable platter. While you may not need a DJ turntable slipmat, a high-quality Felt Mat from Pro-Ject ensures hi-fi listening from our record players. Our felt record mat also gives your table a unique look when you’re not playing your vinyl records.

Finding the right slipmat for turntables is a lifelong journey when DJing. However, casual listeners will also notice the elimination of “thud rumble” sounds when cueing their next album. Our medium weight mat proves sound quality matters as much as style whether you’re listening to jazz, rock, or hip hop.

The synthetic materials of our premium turntable slipmats sit gently but reliably on an acrylic platter. Individual colors give your turntable a very special or even psychedelics appearance. The 300mm diameter and medium thickness make it one of our best sellers.

We also offer a rubber turntable mat and cork turntable mats.

This is the first step to take when trying to maintain vibration and resonance control. Combined with great vinyl care, you’ll be enjoying your favorite albums more each day.

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Dimensions 30 cm

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