If ungrounded, any turntable & cartridge combo will generate a degree of ‘hum.’ If a turntable is grounded incorrectly, it may have a  different grounding reference than the amplifier in the system. Varying grounding references can induce a compensating current which can also be heard as a ‘hum.’

Higher-quality turntables should have interconnects with a turntable grounding wire that is isolated from the signal conductors such as with Connect it E (ships with most Pro-Ject turntables). This allows for proper grounding between the turntable and standard hi-fi amplifiers or phono preamps with a dedicated grounding post. In this context they reference the same ground and hum is eliminated. However, many modern consumer amplifiers (also amplifiers built into soundbars & many powered speakers) have no dedicated grounding connection (referred to as “floating mass systems”). This is the reason turntables can hum when paired with such electronics.

Grounded, High-Performance Power Supply for Pro-Ject Turntables

Enter our High Power it grounded power supply; a 3-pin power supply with a grounding connection for silent operation when using Pro-Ject turntables with consumer electronics that lack a dedicated ground. Moreover, High Power it delivers cleaner current and more power [than the stand wall wart power supplies] to most 15V DC turntables from Pro-Ject Audio. The exceptions are the higher-end Xtension, RPM & Signature models with massive record platters (see note above).