Phono Box S2 is the successor to the world-famous Phono Box S, which offered unrivalled sonics and versatility at a price that was unheard-of. S2 is a refinement on that model with an upgraded chassis & circuitry to deliver more micro-detail, improved dynamic-handling, heightened clarity with a soundstage usually found in much more expensive products. Phono Box S2’s housing is an aluminum/steel sandwich construction that is not just sleek aesthetically, but also shields the circuitry from potentially harmful electromagnetic interference and vibration. The bottom DIP panel allows for fine-tuning of electrical parameters with nearly any MM or MC cartridge available.

Additional information
Weight 0.57 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 10.3 × 3.6 cm



  • Audiophile performance
  • Dual mono configuration
  • Audiophile-grade amplification modules
  • Audiophile-grade polypropylene WIMA capacitors
  • Precise RIAA equalisation
  • Switchable Subsonic filter –12dB @ 20Hz
  • Switchable input impedance/capacitance
  • 4 adjustable gain levels
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Available in silver or black
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Input impedance: 10ohms, 100ohms, 1kohm A
  • Input capacitance/impedance: 100pF, 200pF, 320pF and 420pF */47kohms B
  • Input gain: 40 and 43dB B / 60 and 63dB A
  • Noise floor MM: 94dB (A weighted) at 40dB and 43dB input gain
  • Noise floor MC: 75dB (A weighted) at 60dB and 63dB input gain
  • THD MM: <0,01% at 40dB and 43dB input gain
  • THD MC: <0,05% at 60dB and 63dB input gain
  • RIAA-equalisation curve accuracy: 20Hz – 20kHz / max. 0,4dB
  • Subsonic filter: at 20Hz with 12dB/octave
  • Input: 1 pair RCA/phono sockets
  • Line-level output: 1 pair RCA/phono sockets
  • Outboard power supply: 18V/500mA DC, suitable for your country’s mains supply
  • Power consumption: 85mA DC, <1W in standby

A: typical for low output MC cartridges, B: typical for MM cartridges or high output MC
*Input capacitance is irrelevant for low output MC cartridges.