It is a proven fact that a power supply is a very important part of the audio path and significantly contributes to the sonic quality of an audio product. In order to offer the possibility of improving sound quality, we designed our linear power supplies as an upgrade. Linear power supply consists of a big toroidal transformer with shielding between primary and secondary winding which acts as an isolation transformer and avoids penetration of interference from mains into amplifier. This transformer has a big power reserve, compared to a standard power adapter. It has very low output impedance and in combination with large filtration capability it can easily manage required power of one or two stereo or mono amplifiers. It is proven by extensive listening tests, that linear power supplies improve the sound of amplifiers significantly, including so-called „digital“ ones. In contrary to many other well known high-end manufacturers, we offer our Power Box DS Amp as a big sound upgrade at an affordable price! Advice: To avoid magnetic interference do not stack amplifier(s) and Power Box DS Amp!

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions20.9 × 20.6 × 7.1 cm

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