In cooperation with DelaDap, an aspiring electronic-jazz band from Austria, we have created this masterpiece of analog reproduction. It features the distinctive artwork of DelaDap’s record “Dirty Jazz.” We’ve taken the liberty of adding our Acryl it E platter upgrade – a fantastic resonance suppressor with stylish aesthetics. The supplied Ortofon OM5e cartridge (factory-mounted & aligned) is widely known for its stellar price-to-performance ratio. The tonearm uses frictionless sapphire bearings and in terms of effective mass, it’s a near-perfect match for the supplied cartridge so you can play your records without concern of unwanted tonearm resonance. The stiff, ultra-rigid chassis is made of a special composite fiberboard that absorbs resonance. The plinth is supported by top-notch feet to further isolate the deck and the low-noise synchronous motor is off-set from the platter, tonearm and cartridge. For your convenience, a hinged dustcover is also included.

Additional information
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 33 × 42 × 11.2 cm


  • Special artwork by DelaDap
  • Instant playback with super-easy setup
  • Pre-adjusted tracking force & anti-skating force
  • Ortofon OM5e cartridge, pre-mounted
  • 8,6” aluminium tonearm with sapphire bearings
  • Belt drive with silicone belt
  • Low vibration synchronous motor & DC power supply
  • Pre-mounted gold-plated RCA interconnect cable
  • Special turntable feet for effective decoupling
  • Dustcover included
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Nominal speeds: 33/45 r.p.m.
  • Speed variance 33: 0,80%, 45: 0,70%
  • Wow and flutter 33: 0,29%, 45: 0,27%
  • Signal to noise: 65dB
  • Effective tonearm mass: 8g
  • Effective tonearm length: 8,6″ (218,5mm)
  • Overhang: 22mm
  • Power consumption: 4,5W
  • Outboard power supply: 15V/500mA DC, suitable for your country’s mains supply