Primary E Phono’s built-in phono preamp perfectly mates the machine to powered speakers and systems that lack a phono input. It also comes with a hinged dustcover and pre-mounted Ortofon OM NN moving magnet cartridge. The silicone drive-belt along with a low-vibration synchronous motor is powered by an onboard DC-AC generator to ensure silent motor operation. The 8.6″ aluminum tonearm with sapphire bearings is outputted by quality RCA cables with gold-plated connectors and ground for accurate and precise signal transmission. The low-resonance platter features a stainless steel spindle and brass bushing with Teflon-plated bottom to virtually eliminate bearing noise.

Get to know more about the importance of having an audiophile-grade, on-board phono preamp if you’re wondering what makes this turntable truly outstanding.

Additional information
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 33 × 42 × 11.2 cm

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  • Built-in phono stage, line/phono switchable
  • Belt-drive with synchronous motor
  • Ortofon OM NN phono cartridge
  • Vibration absorbing feet
  • Machined special composite fibre chassis
  • Light-weight, high-precision aluminium tonearm
  • Sapphire tonearm bearing
  • Stainless steel and bronze bushing
  • Elegant dust cover with adjustable hinges
  • Silicon belt with optimum damping
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Nominal speeds: 33/45 r.p.m.
  • Speed variance 33: 0,80%, 45: 0,70%
  • Wow and flutter 33: 0,29%, 45: 0,27%
  • Signal to noise: 65dB
  • Effective tonearm mass: 8g
  • Effective tonearm length: 8,6″ (218,5mm)
  • Overhang: 22mm
  • Power consumption: 4,5W
  • Power cord suitable for your country’s mains supply (EU, UK, US, AUS)

Phono Section

  • Gain: 32dB
  • Output voltage: typically 200mV/1kHz at 5mV/1kHz input
  • Input impedance: 47kohms/100pF
  • Noise floor: 68dB
  • RIAA-equalisation curve accuracy: 20Hz-20kHz / max. 0,5dB