Extensive research and development has brought us the RPM 9 Carbon that we know today. The high-mass CNC-machined chassis is made from resonance-absorbing MDF and filled with hard-resin-coated steel pellets to form an ultra-massive base. A complex heat treatment and carbon fiber surface coating ensure minimal resonance levels. The mass-loaded chassis is effectively decoupled from its surface with opposing-magnetic feet. Combined with an internally damped, polished aluminum platter with vinyl top, the inverted ceramic main bearing delivers absolute stability of platter speed with minimal rumble.

The massive outboard motor unit is equipped with precise motor control and features a built-in switch for easy switching between 33 & 45rpm. Last but not least, the no-compromise 9cc Evolution tonearm with conical carbon-fiber armtube and inverted bearing ensures perfect tracking even with demanding cartridges.

Inside the Plinth

RPM 9 & 10 Carbon, Xtension 9, 10 & 12 Evolution, and Signature 10 & 12 use plinths that are more than meets the eye. These high-end turntables not only use multi-density fiber (MDF, which absorbs resonance), but inside the plinths are also “central gravity points” filled will steel pellets. Drawing harmful resonance to the central gravity point all but eliminates the potential for plinth and bearing noise to reach the tonearm and cartridge. Pellets are used as opposed to a solid alloy due to their dispersion effect where a solid alloy may resonate. This design heightens the overall mass of these turntables as well, a well-known approach to optimizing sonics.

True Balanced – Get Blown Away

Setting us apart from the competition, all Pro-Ject turntables are configured for balanced operation.* Switching to balanced is no subtle upgrade and promises to redefine ‘reference’ sound quality in your turntable system. What’s needed to get there are a) a moving coil cartridge, b) a turntable with balanced phono outputs, c) a phono preamp with balanced phono inputs and d) a balanced cable carrying the phono signal from turntable to phono preamp. Typically a much more costly endeavor, Pro-Ject has changed that landscape by offering products that make the technology attainable to any serious listener.

RPM 9 Carbon comes equipped with a balanced 5-pin DIN phono output and can be run balanced with either DIN > XLR or DIN > mini XLR phono cables and a balanced phono stage. The turntable ships with a DIN > RCA phono cable for maximum compatibility out of the box (unbalanced dual single-ended RCA/ground is by far the most common connection type in phono). Balanced add-ons are sold separately. Browse options for balanced phono preamps & cables in the reel below!

*Excluding turntables with built-in phono preamps.

Tonearm Upgrades for Your RPM 9 Carbon Turntable

The RPM 9 Carbon turntable ships with the adept EVO 9 CC tonearm with ABEC 7 quality bearings & a one-piece carbon fiber armtube. The EVO 9 CA Premium tonearm is available as a drop-in upgrade (no soldering needed). It features a one-piece carbon/aluminum armtube, high-purity silver tonearm wire, an upgraded bearing assembly using stainless steel and an improved TPE-damped counterweight on a threaded stub. Explore even greater versatility with the EVO AS and EVO AS Premium tonearms. These are curved options with replaceable headshells- especially good for phono cartridge collectors. The EVO AS Premium receives the same upgrades as the EVO CA Premium mentioned above.

Additional information
Weight 16.5 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 44 × 18 cm



  • Carbon-wrapped MDF plinth mass-loaded with steel pellets
  • Plinth manufactured with thermo treatment
  • Plinth suspended on opposing magnets in isolation feet
  • Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball/plate
  • Acoustically inert 7.2kg aluminum platter
  • TPE-damped platter with integrated vinyl record mat
  • DC power supply w/ AC motor
  • DC-driven AC generator (“Speed Box” technology)
  • 33/45rpm electronic speed control
  • Outboard motor with massive aluminum base
  • Pre-mounted EVO 9 CC carbon fiber tonearm
  • 5-pin DIN balanced output
  • DIN > RCA cable included (balanced DIN > XLR available separately
  • Handmade in Europe



  • Speeds: 33/45rpm (electronic speed change)
  • Drive principle: belt drive
  • Platter: 7.2kg, 300mm diameter (TPE-damped aluminum)
  • Mains bearing: inverted stainless steel w/ ceramic ball/plate
  • Wow & flutter: +/-0.60% (33rpm), +/-0.60% (45rpm)
  • Speed drift: +/-0.10% (33rpm), +/-0.10% (45rpm)
  • Signal to noise: 73dB
  • Tonearm: EVO 9 CC w/ carbon fiber armtube
  • Effective arm length: 230mm
  • Effective arm mass: 8g
  • Overhang: 18mm
  • Tracking force range: 0-35mN (0-3.5g)
  • Included: 15V DC 800mA power supply
  • Power consumption: 13W max, <0.3W standby
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 180 x 325mm
  • Dimensions (standard): 17.32 x 7.09 x 12.80″
  • Mass (weight): 16.5kg (36.38 lbs) net



“Sonics were devilishly good. Backgrounds were jet black, and sonics softly tinted to the warmer end of the tonal spectrum. Presto arpeggios were liquid and articulate, and there was an impressive sense of air and lift in the upper octaves with an overarching sense of balance across all other criteria. Overall, a terrific package certain to give a great many lucky owners years of vinyl-spinning thrills.” – The Absolute Sound (TAS) 2023 Best Turntables from $2000-5000

“The Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon continues the brand’s outstanding run of sonic and technical improvements in affordable vinyl playback. In fact, throughout my evaluation it never seemed out of its league, even facing the heady heights of upper-crust setups, including my own much pricier kit. Interested parties should also know that the RPM 9 Carbon is a worthy addition for the long term—it’s got enough resolution and sheer musicality to ensure that audio upgrades elsewhere in the chain can be confidently purchased without fear of outdating the Pro-Ject. Without qualification, the RPM 9 Carbon is a terrific package…” – Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound