Developed to add even more versatility to our S-shaped tonearms, we offer this headshell in aluminum (12g), carbon fiber (10g) and wood (8g). They are high-mass, medium & low-mass respectively.  In addition to varying mass, each material has its own resonant properties and we encourage you to hear for yourself! It’s a great option especially for cartridge collectors who like to explore different types of sonics. The mass options further allow you to select the best physical match for a particular phono cartridge. An azimuth adjustment screw also enhances this design, allowing for perfection on all planes in terms of cartridge setup. 1x pair of mounting screws are supplied, but keep in mind the Pro-Ject Mount it hardware set, which provides you with several length options of anti-magnetic cartridge-mounting screws. Align it DS3 is also worth your consideration, allowing for 2-point cartridge alignment according to Baerwald, Lofgren or Stevenson geometries. An azimuth evaluation mirror is also onboard! For advanced but quick 3-point cartridge alignment, Align it PRO is a must.


Additional information

Polished Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Oak, Chromed Aluminum, Black Aluminum


  • Works with any S-shaped tonearm w/ bayonet-style headshell
  • 5 headshells in 3 materials (aluminum, carbon fiber & oak)
  • High-conductivity oxygen-free copper headshell leads
  • High-rigidity low-resonance construction
  • Standard 1/2″ phono cartridge mounting
  • Azimuth adjustment with set screw
  • Integrated fingerlift
  • Non-magnetic


  • Mass (chrome & black): 13.5g
  • Mass (polished aluminum): 12g
  • Mass (carbon fiber): 10g
  • Mass (wood): 8g