The Pro-Ject tonearm philosophy normally employs one-piece, medium/light-weight designs with Cardan pinpoint bearings. These tonearms perform best with medium compliance cartridges. They are responsible for our famous lively, fast and dynamic sound – even in our more affordable designs. In the case of Pro-Ject Signature tonearms, a unique counterweight construction allows you to balance cartridges between 5-25g (excluding the headshell), and with Signature Headshells up to 37g with Alu, 39g with Carbon, 41g with Wood (also an ideal tonearm for direct mounting of SPU cartridges!).

Parts of the high-end analog market have moved to a more classic design and use relatively heavy cartridges with low compliance and low resonance. This allows for big sound on big systems. Such cartridges need a heavier arm with more internal damping. Additionally, many listeners today want the ability to swap cartridges based on the sonics they want to achieve – another reason Pro-Ject has created the Signature Tonearms.

Various alloys are used. They are diamond-cut and precision CNC-machined to the tightest tolerances. The classic S-shaped tonearm tube is made from special aluminum with internal damping. To keep the speed of the Pro-Ject sound, we use a special oil-damped uni-pivot design (more common S-shape arms use ball race bearings with much higher friction that tend to sound slow in an arm with high effective mass). To make the installation of different cartridges even easier, you can adjust overhang at the tonearm base as well as VTA.

Signature Headshells

The tonearm is delivered with one diamond-cut Signature Headshell Alu (12g). To maximize flexibility & compatibility we also offer Carbon and Wood (10g and 8g respectively). Each have different resonance frequencies and have something unique to offer in terms of sonics. You easily can ´tune´ the effective mass of the arm according to the compliance of the cartridge to reach an optimum resonance frequency.


  • Single pivot design with minimized bearing friction
  • Non-magnetic low-resonance construction
  • Compatible with low to high-mass cartridges, including 32g SPU
  • High-rigidity aluminum headshell (12g) with built-in fingerlift included
  • High conductivity OFC headshell cables included
  • Azimuth adjustment with screw on side
  • Built-in 5-pin DIN connector (tonearm cable not included)
  • High gloss finish
  • Measure it, Alignment + Mounting distance tools included
  • Delivered in exclusive wooden jewel box
  • Optional headshells available: Wood (8g) & Carbon (10g)
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Effective length (pivot to the stylus): 304.8mm
  • Mounting distance (pivot to the spindle): 291.6mm
  • Offset angle (record groove and the stylus direction): 18°
  • Overhang (spindle to the stylus): 13.2mm
  • Effective mass (including Alu headshell): 19.5g
  • Counterweight rotation diameter: 77mm
  • Cartridge weight range (with stock headshell): 5-25g