Signature 12 - Gloss Mahogany

The Signature 12 turntable is Pro-Ject’s all-out assault on the analog high-end. This no-compromise approach to vinyl playback design commemorates Pro-Ject Audio’s 2 decades worth of industry-leading price-to-performance value. Each table takes 3 months to build and is entirely constructed and assembled by a team of two highly skilled craftsman – truly an artisan product! The Signature employs a sophisticated approach by combining the themes of mass-loading and magnetic decoupling. The main plinth supports a two-motor belt-driven flywheel system that is decoupled from,  but drives the TPE-damped high-mass platter. The main plinth also houses the touch-screen that allows control of all operational parameters and ultra-precise speed adjustment. The sub-chassis is made of machined aluminum and sits beneath the platter. It’s responsible for supporting the platter’s magnetic suspension. “TPE Pillows” isolate the entire assembly and further reduce unwanted disturbance and vibration. The flywheel belt-drive system employs two motors and ensures vibration and noise-free mechanical operation for all moving parts. The advanced single-pivot 12″ tonearm can accommodate virtually any cartridge due to its wide range of adjustment capabilities and array of counterweights (included). VTA adjustment is a snap and can be done as you listen!

Additional information
Weight34.3 kg
Dimensions23.4 × 57 × 44 cm

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    • Mass-loaded belt-driven sub-chassis design
    • Magnetically decoupled main platter
    • Resonance-optimized alloy platter, TPE-damped
    • Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball
    • Flywheel belt-drive
    • Motor control system with LCD display
    • Single-pivot chrome-gloss tonearm
    • Piano-lacquer chassis with magnetic decoupling
    • Handmade in Europe



    • Nominal speeds: 33,3/45,11 r.p.m
    • Switching speeds: electronic, by LCD display
    • Speed variance: 0,1%
    • Wow and flutter: 0,08%
    • Signal to noise: 75 dB
    • Drive: 3x silicon drive belt
    • Motor: 2x micro-processor synchronous motors
    • Platter: Aluminium alloy Ø300mm
    • Power supply: switch mode power supply
    • Power consumption: 20W DC
    • Weight: 34,3 kg
    • Effective tonearm length: 12”(304,8mm)
    • Effective tonearm mass: 19,5g
    • Mounting distance: 291,6mm
    • Overhang: 13,2mm
    • Offset angle: 18°
    • Inner nullpoint: r= 62,5mm;r=125.85mm
    • Vertical tracing force range: 0-30mN


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