The Speaker Box 5 DS2 offers a balanced and harmonic sound through the entire spectrum. These one of a kind bookshelf speaker delivers a deep stretching bass, full-bodied and lush mids and clear and impressive treble. The sound stage is threedimensional realistic displayed and instruments are placed with high accuracy. The audiophile soundsignature of Speaker Box 5 DS2 convinces with a relaxed and laid back playback, though it never loses control over the speed in the lows. The Speaker Box 5 DS2 is entirely made in Europe and comes in three wooden finishes: walnut, eucalyptus and rosewood. These different wood-tones easily blend into any furnishing. The Speaker Box 5 DS2 is recommended for rooms up to 25m².

Additional information
Weight5 kg
Dimensions215 × 16 × 271 cm


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