To achieve the best possible sound quality with your hi-fi system, it’s a matter of time before you’ll want to invest in speakers that’ll enable the rest of your audio components to perform at their highest potential. At that point it’ll become increasingly clear that speaker positioning and sound treatment are a part of the equation that can only be ignored for so long. If you’re not using a rigid stand and/or surface for your speakers, you’ll be sacrificing cohesion, clarity & detail. There’s more to it than just the rigidity of the surface, however. Tweeter/driver height, distance from walls and distance from speaker-to-ear are each significant matters.

Speaker stands are often under-prioritized, but their absence can be detrimental to imaging, detail & resolution. Pro-Ject Audio’s Tristand is a rigid, adjustable bookshelf speaker (or stand-mount speaker) stand  that readily illustrates just such an improvement. With three height-adjustable steel spikes that decouple the speaker from the floor, leveling your speakers easily accomplished. Rigidity and adjustability help you to locate that elusive ‘sweet-spot’ swiftly and with certainty.

Additional spikes are included for the top-plates too. They minimize surface contact area between the speaker and the stand, disallowing external vibration from reaching the speaker and sending speaker vibration itself downward to the floor. By minimizing incoming and outgoing vibration, bass response becomes clearer and more controlled. It’ll also help to make fine detail more available to your ears which in turn improves the stereo image. Keeping in mind that reversed spikes will create small divots in the bottom side of the speaker cabinets, we also offer microporous rubber pads as an alternative.

Additional information
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 32.8 × 32.8 × 70 cm



  • A reissue of a Pro-Ject classic
  • Solid steel frame construction
  • Heavy triangular base-plate & square top
  • 3x height-adjustable steel spike-feet for base (per stand)
  • 4x height-adjustable steel spike feet for top (per stand)
  • Microporous rubber pads included
  • Available in black and white
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in Europe


  • Dimension w/o feet (W x D x H): 328 x 328 x 678mm
  • Dimensions w/ feet (W x D x H): 328 x 328 x 700mm
  • Top-plate dimensions (W x D): 150 x 142mm
  • Weight per Tristand: 5kg
  • Maximum load per Tristand: 20kg