VC-E is a compact and affordable record cleaning machine. It’s got a robust motor that cleans records in as little as one or two rotations. Best results are achieved with a rotation or two forward, then the same backward. At 2 seconds per rotation, VC-E is about 3 times faster than comparable cleaning machines, resulting in faster and more effective record cleaning. An acrylic clamp seals the record label from fluid so to avoid damage to the label. The metal arm is easy to use, mechanically stable and focuses all suction power directly onto the record surface. Our eco-friendly and non-alcoholic vinyl cleaning concentrate ‘Wash it’ offers excellent cleaning results and staves off static, reducing record & stylus wear. The aluminum top-plate prevents fluid damage to the chassis so that the machine offers years of reliable record care.

*Note – VC-E is best used as an on-the-fly cleaner, cleaning a handful of records per day. Due to the compact design, it has a relatively small tank and vents out the top of the machine (beneath the record). If the tank fills to a certain point, the vent may mist a bit. For this reason, Pro-Ject includes a plastic platter that shields your records from the vent. If you are cleaning batches of records, we advise VC-S2, which has a larger tank and vents out the side.

Additional information
Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions21 × 31 × 26.6 cm

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