This add-on for cleaning 7″ records on Pro-Ject RCMs will help to recondition your valuable vinyl.

Whereas the standard record clamp and vacuum arm are perfect for 12″ records, this 7” kit fulfills your needs for 7” singles. The 7-inch record cleaner includes a dedicated clamp and a vacuum arm that provides full vacuum power, as well as a spare 100ml bottle of Wash it cleaning concentrate appropriately sized cleaning strips.

*7″ Arm Variants
VC-E: VCE-5 (EAN 9120097826695)
VC-S2 ALU & VC-S MKII: VC-S26 with synthetic flange (EAN 9120071658250)
VC-S: VCS-6A with aluminum flange (EAN 9120071658243)