The VC-S3 is Pro-Ject’s latest premium vacuum-based record cleaner with new & superior features including a magnetic record clamp, pre-mixed cleaning fluid and a better-protected, more robust motor assembly. Especially great for large batches of records, it works fast & thorough providing improvement in sound quality that’s immediately audible.

Pre-Mixed Wash it 2 Record Cleaning Fluid (100mL)

Vinyl records need dedicated maintenance. Even brand new records benefit from a thorough cleaning as the manufacturing process often leaves residue in the grooves. Dry-cleaning with a static-dissipating carbon fiber record brush is no doubt worthwhile for removing superficial dust, but a wet-cleaning process is a must if you intend to extract the most information possible from your vinyl LPs. Accordingly, a suitable cleaning fluid is paramount. Though fast to dry, alcohol-based cleaning fluids can be abrasive to the finer aspects of the grooves, especially over time. This is why we’ve designed our eco-friendly, alcohol-free record cleaning fluid we call Wash it 2. We dilute the concentrate for you so it’s ready for use, saving you an additional step in the process. It also prevents the accidental use of unsuitable water and/or an unsuitable ratio, reducing the margin of error in the cleaning equation. Simplifying things further still, the VC-S3’s vacuum is mighty, leaving your records spotless in just a rotation or two.

Our Flagship Vinyl Record Cleaner

We’ve removed the screw-down clamp from this design for the sake of efficiency. The magnetic clamp not only protects the record label from fluid damage, it also speeds up the whole cleaning process. Place your record over the spindle, drop the clamp in place (you’ll feel the magnetic attraction!) and you’re ready for the scrubbing & vacuuming steps. A soft goat hair bristle wet-cleaning record brush is supplied for the initial scrub. The robust, easy-to-use metal arm is mechanically stable and focuses all suction power directly onto the record surface. Paired with a self-adhesive, soft-brushing arm strip, your record grooves are cleaned to perfection leaving only the musical material to be heard. The internal reservoir (2.5L) collects the spent cleaning fluid. Wash it 2 readily evaporates in the reservoir too, meaning the container rarely needs emptying. If/when it does need emptying, a pouring spout is also provided (see user manual).

European Build Quality

The VC-S3 is made in Europe from high quality materials and in sturdy form. With many practical features and excellent mechanical operation, the VC-S3 combines industrial design appeal with an affordable, highly effective path toward pristine sound quality from vinyl records.

Great for 45rpm Singles & 78rpm Shellac Records

Pro-Ject’s Wash it 2 record cleaning fluid is pre-diluted and ready for use… even with your old 78s! The formula is non-corrosive yet thorough. It effectively cleans 33, 45 & 78rpm records. Use the standard vacuum arm (included) for 33s & 78s. For 7″ 45rpm records, the 7″ vacuum arm is required.

Additional information
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 27.2 × 41.5 × 32.5 cm


  • Improved cabinet design
  • Magnetic clamp for a quicker cleaning process
  • Aluminum motor mounting pads
  • Cataphoretic surface treatment of motor
  • Self-adhesive arm strip
  • Wash it 2 cleaning fluid
  • 5mm composite aluminum panels
  • Super-fast & super-strong cleaning
  • 2.5L tank for spent cleaning liquid
  • Completely dry records within 2 rotations
  • Removes static load of vinyl records
  • Removes cleaning fluid residue-free
  • Eco-friendly alcohol-free cleaning fluid
  • High-end build quality
  • Made in Europe

Package Contents

  • VC-S3 vinyl cleaner
  • Magnetic record clamp
  • Handheld goat hair scrubbing brush
  • Vacuum arm for 12″ vinyl LPs
  • Self-adhesive arm strip (1x attached, 1x spare)
  • Strip replacement template
  • Wash it 2 record cleaning fluid (100mL)
  • IEC Power cable


  • Cleaning speed: 30rpm
  • Power connection: 110/120V 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 120V/650W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 415 x 325 x 272mm
  • Dimensions (standard): 16.34 x 12.80 x 10.71″
  • Mass (weight): 8kg (17.64 lbs)


“The Pro-Ject VC-S3 did an outstanding job of cleaning a dust-caked record straight from the old sleeve.” – Marc Henshall, Sound Matters (Click here for Marc’s video on the VC-S3!)