In his own pursuit of top-notch sound-quality, Heinz Lichtenegger (Pro-Ject Founder) learned early on that mechanical grounding of a turntable precipitates to clean, uncolored, dynamically-open sonics; Heinz heard the best results from turntables that he coupled with high-mass objects. The idea was that the high-mass object would draw most vibration toward it, thus away from sound-critical components like the tonearm, phono cartridge and record platter. From there it followed that the same transfer of vibration would occur with a sturdy wall acting as the mechanical ground. So long as a sturdy, thoughtful shelf was implemented to house the gear, vibration would be transferred to the wall and away from your highly-sensitive audio equipment.

In order to actualize this concept in the homes of audio enthusiasts, Heinz and his good friend Heinrich Prohaska set out to design a wall console to facilitate isolation of audio equipment in a more profound manner. Using research provided by the Vienna University of Technology, they pressed on…

Wall Shelf Material, Thickness & Shape

Wall Mount it 5/4 applies this research in its design. The shape, size and angular construction of the steel frame are precisely calculated to eliminate the propagation of resonance. Remaining resonance is transferred to and coupled with the mechanical ground (the wall). A solid brick or concrete wall is best here, though fastening the shelf to the studs of a framed wall is also an effective option. The frame’s round D-shape directs vibration & resonance back to the mechanical ground and away from your audio gear.

Light Wooden Shelves Suspended on Spikes

Low-mass but stiff, specially selected and precisely tuned wood is used for the shelves that are then suspended on steel spikes. This minimizes surface contact and helps to deliver the utmost neutrality from your system.

Wall Mounting

If you’re unsure about the composition of your walls, we highly suggest contacting an expert for optimal & secure wall mounting. This is a very critical part of the whole concept. The better the shelf is fixed to the wall, the better your system will sound. The maximum weight load per shelf will depend on how well it’s mounted and on what type of wall.

Additional information
Weight 12.6 kg
Dimensions 40.6 × 53 × 100 cm



  • Designed by Heinz & Heinrich based on research from the Vienna Univ. of Tech.
  • Eliminates propagation of resonance, transfers them into the wall
  • No influence by impact noise nor vibrating floors
  • Sophisticated rigid steel frame construction
  • Specially selected stiff, low-mass wood shelves
  • Height-adjustable spikes to level each shelf
  • Elegant, practical design
  • Mounting recommendation: brick or concrete walls
  • Made in Europe


  • Color: black or white
  • Material: steel frame construction, wood shelves
  • Dimensions: 530 x 1000 x 406mm (W x H x D)
  • Surface area: 498 x 355mm (W x D)
  • Max. height between shelves 167mm
  • Space between wall and shelf for cables: 50mm
  • Weight: 12.6 kg
  • Max. weight load per shelf 50kg*

*CAUTON: The maximum weight the shelf can support depends greatly on a wall’s given material and by how securely the shelf is mounted. Always use suitable wall anchors and screws to accommodate the weight you intend to place on the shelf.