Wash it 2 is our 2nd generation cleaning fluid made specially for use with Pro-Ject vacuum-based vinyl LP cleaners. It’s a pre-mixed use-as-is mixture that contains demineralized water with our proprietary cleaning concentrate. We use the optimal ratio to preserve the integrity of the record grooves & cleaning machines while thoroughly cleaning and without leaving behind residue. Alcohol-based fluids can cause damage to the finer aspects of the grooves over time, which is why Wash it 2 is non-abrasive & alcohol-free. It contains only high-purity ingredients that are 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-flammable. Wash it 2 is among the few record cleaning compounds on that market that are safe & effective for 12″ vinyl LPs, 10″ 78rpm shellac discs and 7″ 45rpm singles alike.

Great for 45rpm Singles & 78rpm Shellac Records

Pro-Ject’s Wash it 2 record cleaning fluid is pre-diluted and ready for use… even with your old 78s! The formula is non-corrosive yet thorough. It effectively cleans 33, 45 & 78rpm records. Use the standard vacuum arm (included with your VC-E2 or VC-S3 record cleaning machine) for 33s & 78s. For 7″ 45rpm records, the 7″ vacuum arm is required.

Wash it 2 (250mL): $10
Wash it 2 (500mL): $15
Wash it 2 (1000mL): $20