Xtension 10 shares much with its big brother, Xtension 12. Designed with a smaller footprint and with a 10″ tonearm, it delivers much of 12’s performance in a more compact and less expensive package. Incorporating decades of experience in turntable design and manufacture, Xtension 10 represents Pro-Ject’s technological efforts to address mass-decoupling and resonance reduction. Beginning with the mass-loaded, magnetically-suspended sub-chassis and the precision-balanced sandwich alloy platter (recycled vinyl/alloy), the foundation of this system weighs in at a just under 50 lbs. Additionally, Pro-Ject employs magnetic decoupling feet to prevent mechanical vibration from disturbing playback. The mass and isolation create an environment of extremely low resonance allowing music to emerge from an ultra-silent background.

A DC-driven AC motor with a two-step pulley and electronic speed control maintains perfect pitch and rhythm resulting in inaudible wow & flutter. Further reducing noise and vibration is the isolated TPE mounting board for the 10″ carbon-fiber tonearm. The conical arm and integrated headshell are fashioned from a single piece of carbon fiber to avoid problems associated with standing wave reflections. Single-screw fixing of the armtube allows for easy azimuth adjustment if needed. The arm is fully adjustable for VTA and includes a high-performance, purpose-designed DIN-RCA phono cable (1.23m).

Inside the Plinth

RPM 9 & 10 Carbon, Xtension 9, 10 & 12 Evolution, and Signature 10 & 12 use plinths that are more than meets the eye. These high-end turntables not only use medium-density fiber (MDF, which absorbs resonance), but inside the plinths are also “central gravity points” filled will steel pellets. Drawing harmful resonance to the central gravity point all but eliminates the potential for plinth and bearing noise to reach the tonearm and cartridge. Pellets are used as opposed to a solid alloy due to their dispersion effect where a solid alloy may resonate. This design heightens the overall mass of these turntables as well, a well-known approach to optimizing sonics.

True Balanced – Get Blown Away

Setting us apart from the competition, all Pro-Ject turntables are configured for balanced operation.* Switching to balanced is no subtle upgrade and promises to redefine ‘reference’ sound quality in your turntable system. What’s needed to get there are a) a moving coil cartridge, b) a turntable with balanced phono outputs, c) a phono preamp with balanced phono inputs and d) a balanced cable carrying the phono signal from turntable to phono preamp. Typically a much more costly endeavor, Pro-Ject has changed that landscape by offering products that make the technology attainable to any serious listener.

Xtension 10 Evolution comes equipped with a balanced 5-pin DIN phono output and can be run balanced with either DIN > XLR or DIN > mini XLR phono cables and a balanced phono stage. The turntable ships with a DIN > RCA phono cable for maximum compatibility out of the box (unbalanced dual single-ended RCA/ground is by far the most common connection type in phono). Balanced add-ons are sold separately. Browse options for balanced phono preamps & cables in the reel below!

*Excluding turntables with built-in phono preamps.

Tonearm Upgrades for Your Xtension 10 Turntable

The Xtension 10 Evolution turntable ships with the adept EVO 10 CC tonearm with ABEC 7 quality bearings & a one-piece carbon fiber armtube. The EVO 10 CA Premium tonearm is available as a drop-in upgrade (no soldering needed). It features a one-piece carbon/aluminum armtube, high-purity silver tonearm wire, an upgraded bearing assembly using stainless steel and an improved TPE-damped counterweight on a threaded stub. Explore even greater versatility with the EVO AS and EVO AS Premium tonearms. These are curved options with replaceable headshells- especially good for phono cartridge collectors. The EVO AS Premium receives the same upgrades as the EVO CA Premium mentioned above.


  • Super-heavy 22kg belt-drive turntable
  • Mass-loaded magnetically-suspended chassis
  • Precision balanced sandwich-platter
  • Inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic support
  • Heavyweight record clamp
  • Extremely low level of natural resonance
  • Perfect decoupling through magnetic feet
  • Electronic speed control (33/45/78rpm)
  • 10cc Evolution tonearm made from carbon fiber
  • Inverted tonearm bearings (ABEC 7 quality)
  • Dust cover included
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Speeds: 33, 45 & 78rpm (electronic speed change)
  • Principle: belt-drive
  • Platter: 10.3kg/300mm aluminum (TPE-damped)
  • Main bearing: inverted stainless steel with ceramic ball & antimagnetic support
  • Wow & flutter: ±0.01% max
  • Speed variance: ±0.09% max
  • Signal-to-noise: 73dB
  • Tonearm: 10cc Evolution (10″ one-piece carbon fiber)
  • Effective arm length: 254mm
  • Effective tonearm mass: 8.5g
  • Overhang: 16.0mm
  • Tracking force range: 10-30mN (1.0-3.5g)
  • Cartridge weight range: 4-14g (4 counterweights included)
  • Included: Power supply, dust cover
  • Power consumption: 2W max
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 480 x 235 x 400mm
  • Dimensions (standard): 18.90 x 9.25 x 15.75″
  • Weight: 26kg (57.32lbs) net


“Long known for affordable, high-value turntables, Pro-Ject has recently entered the market for more up-scale models. And its Xtension 10 is a worthy contender. The design features a mass-loaded, magnetically floated subchassis, a 3″-tall, 12.6 lbs. vinyl/alloy platter, and the 10cc Evolution tonearm. What makes the ensemble special is its ability to get at the heart of the music, consistently providing not only a high level of musical satisfaction but doing so in a way that delivers a powerful emotional wallop.” – The Absolute Sound (TAS) 2023 Best Turntables from $2000-5000

“Pro-Ject is onto something wonderful here: a model that hits all the right sonic notes, while bringing an intellectual and emotional connection to the music that is rare in my experience.” – Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound (TAS)

“A very real and recommended choice for anyone looking for a midrange turntable at this price point” – Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man